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The History, Vision, Mission, and Values

Brief History

The Gospel of God Ministries is a Non Profit 501c3 that exists for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of God with the lost world.  Gospel of God Ministries is an extension of Open Door Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC, and is accountable to its elders.

The ministry began with a burden for the lost and for the falsely converted. There is a colossal amount of ignorance in our nation of who God is, and there are many places on this earth where God is not glorified.  This is what compelled us to start Gospel of God Ministries (GGM). The ministry began in 2008 with me simply walking the streets of Raleigh, sharing the Gospel.  Our hope is that the entire world would come to know the saving knowledge of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.


Gospel of God Ministries PROCLAIMS the Gospel all over the world, with partner churches and volunteers, until faith becomes action, allowing God’s Holy Spirit to TRANSFORM people.

The Gospel of God Ministries wants to raise up an Evangelist inside of every healthy church in America. 

How will this become a reality?

Finding- Gospel of God Ministries leadership will work with local church pastors to find the evangelist within their local body.

Training- We will help train him on how to be an evangelist to his city and surrounding area.

Sending- The local church leadership will send him out into their city to see the lost saved and  the body of Christ encouraged to do evangelism.


Preaching and teaching until faith becomes action. This faith pushes the believers into the world and pulls the unbeliever into the kingdom.

Values for our ministry

1. We want to be Gospel focused by sharing this good news and helping other to do the same.
2. We want to be passionate about the local church and invigorate them share the Gospel.
3. We want to achieve excellence in everything we do from partner raising, training, and sending out teams to evangelize. We want people to see this ministry as a kingdom investment not a ministry just to give money to.
4. We want to reeducate the body of Christ in the method of open air evangelism through assimilating our model of seeking, training, and sending into every healthy church in America.

Ministry Model

Shape– by train believers in how to share their faith and defend.
Share– by taking believers out to share their faith in Jesus. We will focus on Abortion Clinics, Sporting Events, Street Festivals, and College Campuses
Support– the local church by working with believers that are committed to the local church.

Prayer Strategy

• Fast the first month of the year for each area we will be sharing.
• Praying with Evangelist that we are discipling weekly
• Praying with the board monthly
• Pray weekly for our ministry partners
• Prayer Conference call weekly with evangelist and churches we are working with

Objectives for 2018

1. Sufficient funding to achieve our vision, mission, and maintain our values.
2. Internship for shaping evangelist to challenge and encourage the local church
3. Producing relevant content to equip the body of Christ in evangelism. Promoting it through all available social media outlets
4. Deeping our relationships with evangelist, believers, and partners through communication, posting calendar preaching events,and monthly prayer.
5. Visiting churches that are being the most fruitful ,North Carolina,New Jersey, Texas ,  San Diego,and South Carolina.
6. Keeping with the amount of tracts, bibles, and amount of preaching taking place to have accurate numbers.

Financial Needs

We met the 2017 budget lets all rejoice together in what God has done!! However 2018 is closing in around the corner. Will you help us start 2018 strong?

We need 16 more partners at $100.00 a month to meet our budget for 2018. Will you consider being a champion for our vision, mission, and values? In Philippians 4:17 Paul states, “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” The benefit of partnering as a champion with a ministry like ours is that it produces kingdom fruit that belongs to you.

We seek to put your money to work for a kingdom purpose. Here is our two phase layout:

I Phase- We would like have Tommy transition over full time to manage and operate Gospel of God Ministries. We need 6 more champions at a $100.00 a month to make this a kingdom reality.

II Phase- We want to hire a part-time intern to handle all social media, Podcasting requirements, and all training videos. We also need a month worth of  reserve money on hand just in case- God forbid- something catastrophic were to happen. This will take 10 more champions at a $100.00 a month.

In order to fill both phase I and II for 2018 we need 16 more champions at $100.00 a month.

Here is the partner count down.We need 16-  $100.00 monthly Champions in order to make our 2018 vision a kingdom reality. Would you like to be one?










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