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Come out with us and pray for our team as we share the Gospel.  Pray for the people who are going to hear and believe the Gospel.  Pray for those who are going to be encouraged by the Gospel.  Pray for those who will mock the Gospel.

Be an at-home prayer warrior.  Watching some of our videos will give you an idea of what we are up against when we take the Gospel to the street.


Be in touch with us about this desire.  We would love to have a meeting with you and your elders about this call on your life to see if it is a genuine desire from the Lord.  We truly need more men proclaiming the Gospel.


There are four major ways that you can provide help to this ministry.

First, and foremost, is prayer.

Finally, giving to this ministry is vital.  Your giving allows us to fulfill our budget for 2017  and go out for the ones who are not yet in the kingdom and train those who are going out. This allows us to offer a scholarship- to evangelist and those who want to do evangelism- who cannot afford our training and curriculum. It cost $20.00 per class for classroom time and materials. Each curriculum has ten lessons. Read the testimony from on of our intern students on the third page of our Newsletter : Testimony If you would like to sponsor a class or classes click here: Give