Another year of preaching came to a close in Ocean City, New Jersey. Ocean City has a population of around 15,000, but during the summer months there is an influx of people that exceeds 120,000. What a great place to preach the Gospel! This year was no different than any other trip to this area. The area is saturated with the Catholic doctrine of confession of sins to your priest for salvation. However, this area has its share of other idol worship too. It ranges from atheist, satanist, and homosexuals. We faced all three while in Ocean City. Here are some of the encounters:

Rick and John the Atheist
After seeing the tattoos all over my arms, Rick and John, professed atheist, asked questions about the Old Testament in reference to the marking of the body.  I was able to share how the Old Testament law was good but no one could completely fulfill the more than 600 laws that were required in the Old Testament. Then I explained how Jesus came to fulfill all the Old Testament laws completely and perfectly and ushering in a New Covenant of grace. This made sense to Rick and John and they had no further questions. They listened intently to their condition before a holy, just God without a savior. After several minutes they walked away without receiving Jesus.

The Angry Catholic
A group of three young men were walking by when one stopped and called his other two friends back. One began to tell how much he knew about philosophy and how the Catholic church in their apostolic succession and their papal structure was the truth. He quoted a few big theological words. Then Melanie, my wife, asked if he had broken of any of God’s commands. Both Catholics and Protestants believe in them. He would not answer. His friends began to mock us and taunt their friend who was the self-proclaimed philosopher. I tried to get him to speak on the issue of his guilt before God because of the breaking of the commands. There was just a silent stare. However, he used a few hand gestures and some foul language and walked away. People who have idol problems don’t like to give them up easily. Our job is to put our finger on the sore spot and show them the problem and lead them to the great physician Jesus.

On our last day preaching, we had Keith walk by with his family but he would not take his eyes off of me, so I asked, “Is your soul right with God sir?” He gave a quick answer, “ It was a long time ago.” I asked him to explain what he meant. He shared how thirteen years ago he attended church and read his Bible. He stated, “The lust of the world had consumed his heart.” I shared with him how the things of this world were passing away. However, the justice of God was infinite and he would face God one day. He agreed. I challenged him to examine his heart and to see if there was any remorse for his sins. He was so honest and received the rebuke that I was giving. I shared the grace of Jesus to forgive if he genuinely would repent and that repentance would bear fruit in his life. He lives in north Jersey. Continue to pray for Keith and his family that listened intently as I explained Keith’s condition and theirs.

Prayer list –
John and Rick – Two unbelievers asking questions about the Old Testament
Robert- He has prayed the sinner’s prayer hundreds of times. He did not understand salvation. I shared how he could know he was saved
Colin –He believed that he was God
Joshua- Grew up in a Christian family but is not sure of his salvation
Satanist- She would not give me her name. Pray for the truth she heard
Homosexual- She would not give her name. Pray for the truth that she heard

Our next outreach is in Clifton, New Jersey. Please be praying for this trip that God would prepare the harvest field of souls. The days are from July 25th to 28th. We will be teaming up with Pastor Carlos from Christ Our Hope Church, http://www.cohclife.org/.Thanks for your faithfulness to Jesus! Remember Go share the Gospel to transform a life.


Tommy Waltz
Gospel of God Ministries President