There are three major components of biblical truth that must be understood

in order to respond properly to the Gospel.

1.Proper view of God

•He is Holy- (Isaiah 40:25)

•He is just – (Psalms 9:16)

•He is wrathful- (Jeremiah 6:11)

•He is merciful- (John 3:16)

2.Proper view of Man

•He is rebellious- (Romans 1:21)

•He is sinful- (Romans 3:23)

3.Proper view of the Gospel

•1 Peter 3:18 On the cross, Gods justice is being exercised and His wrath

is being satisfied for sin. Now rebellious sinful man can be forgiven his sins.

This is how to compile the above doctrines in one easy to remember acrostic.

W.D.J.D. Would you consider yourself a good person? Do you know any of the Ten

Commandments? On judgment day would you guilty or innocent of breaking

them? Does this concern you? Now go share! And challenge people to respond to this Gospel.

  • Romans 10:9-10 We want people to confess Jesus as Lord. This is not just a prayer but a prayer that leads to a radically changed life because of the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us know if we can help in anyway. Come out with us and share your faith in Jesus. Click on the following link to find out where we will be sharing our faith and come join us.