Already off and running, this year is set to be a great and productive harvest. By His grace, our leaders are off to a consistent start. During the week we now have a constant presence at a murder mill, two college campuses, downtown Raleigh, NC and Columbia, SC. God is truly doing amazing work. I would like to give a quick review of the Gospel of God Ministries team in Minneapolis Minnesota. We teamed up with Sports Fan Outreach International again this year for the Super Bowl.

As we landed, I was reminded of Psalms 115:3: Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases.
It was a balmy 3 degrees Fahrenheit—so cold that fifteen minutes into the walk to our sleeping location, my mustache and beard froze, and my phone shut off. However, by Gods grace I made it to the location safely. We had prayed for this event over the past five months, and this was the exact weather that would bring God the most glory. So, all 53 evangelists rested in the comfort of a sovereign God. Here are four things I was reminded of from my trip this year:

  1. God is sovereign where the Gospel will be proclaimed and shared.

Acts 17:26: and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation.
When we began to share, I was reminded that this specific place in history had people that the Lord of heaven wanted to hear the Gospel. See, the cold weather did not stop Gods sovereign plan. Our prayer was, “Dear Lord, give us the weather that will allow the most people to hear the Gospel.” These people came from all over the world to be in Minneapolis for this Super Bowl event, and we had the privilege of being there to spread the light of the Gospel. Yes, I said privilege. What an honor it was to be there giving the truth to those who need it. The spiritual climate there is really indifferent toward the Gospel; so what better place is there for the Gospel light to shine.

  1. God is sovereign over who takes a tract from His ambassadors.

This was my sixth Super Bowl, and tracts did not go out like they did at prior Super Bowl events. One tract would go out and twenty people might walk by before someone else took another. However, we know that the exact people who took a tract are those the Lord wanted to hear the Gospel. Some would even ask what it was that we were giving out, and conversations would start. Some would try to give them back, but we insisted that they keep them and read them thoroughly when they were in a warmer place. Some people thanked us for being in their city to hand out Gospel literature. Tracts go out on Gods time, and they go to those He wants them to go to. It pleased God as these specific people grabbed the tracts from our hands.

  1. God is sovereign in who hears His message proclaimed from His ambassadors’ lips.

As the Gospel was proclaimed in this winter wonderland, some would speed up to get out of ear shot; some would slow down just enough to hear twenty seconds or so; some would sit down on the heated seats that ESPN provided and listen; and some even began to yell back. One gentleman jumped up on a metal pole beside Zack Braddy and began to yell in disagreement toward what Zack was saying. This scene drew even more people in. The God of heaven truly does as He pleases.
God brought the guy to disagree with Zack so that more people would hear the Gospel. The world would look at this event as counterproductive, but not in God’s economy—this conflict brought Him more glory. How, you may ask? By allowing more people to stop and hear the Gospel. God takes the foolishness of preaching to shame the wise.

  1. God is sovereign over who talks to His ambassadors.

As the preaching and tract distribution took place, some people would stop and allow us to ask them questions about their relationship with the one true living God. A young boy named Simon came by with a group of his friends. His friends began to mock the truth, but Simon began to listen intently to what was being shared. The group split in two and the mockers stayed with one evangelist while Simon stayed with Ken. We cannot manipulate people to stay or even make them leave. This action is all the work of an almighty God. Hopefully, young Simon is beginning to see the weight of his sin before a holy and just God. Please keep praying for him. Even the mockers finally quit justifying themselves and their broken worldview before they walked away.
In close, this was a trip that reminded me that our Lord and Savior is in control of all things. May you go and trust Him as you proclaim the Gospel to see a life transformed.
Thank you to all who supported this outreach in prayer and financing to make it possible for us to go to this amazing city of Minneapolis.

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