Belief is Exposed by Listening –Then You Can Speak- Part 2People today are spinning their narratives, now more than ever, instead of logically building an argument and then defending it. It is really important to get past the talking points that only further bring division and ask questions that will allow you to expose either the person, or the group you are speaking with, to the truth. We will see three points from Matthew 12:34 that, if applied, will make you a better listener and a clearer communicator.

Matthew 12:34 “You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.”


1. Truth is Obvious—Let’s Begin Speaking Like it Is.

Sin corrupts everything that comes out of a lost person’s mouth. We should expect selfish motivation, lies, deceit, and all types of corrupted
speech. “A perverse man spreads strife, And a slanderer separates intimate friends” (Proverbs 16:28). Jesus is being blunt with these religious leaders.
Jesus is telling them what they already know about themselves. They are evil, and nothing good can come out of an evil heart. They need to be remade
in order for this to take place. They know this about themselves, so why deny it and agree with their deceptive lies? Exposing people to what they already know to be true (in this case it is the impossibility of good coming out of evil men) is the most honest and loving thing to do.One of the most sincere and heart-piercing ways to bring them to the mirror of their own belief is to just ask a question. Look at what the master teacher did in the text. He first asked a question. How can anything good come out of you? A Christian that can master this skill will be a force to be dealt with. Our questions should push people to the end of their World View.

I was conversing with an Atheist on our YouTube page—read the full dialogue here, it is ongoing—the other day. He stated that me appealing to a God as creator is being circular in my reasoning. Here is the question I asked to expose his suppression of God: Blight (this is his YouTube screen name), do you base your reasoning off of research done by other scientist research and reasoning? Hence, this is circular. What I did with the question is the same thing Jesus did to expose the religious leaders to the evil in their hearts. I exposed him to the echo chamber of his own worldview that is in active suppression against the God they know exists. See, Blight can’t make sense out either research or reasoning because there is nothing, in his worldview, that is either uniformed or objective to make research and reasoning possible. We need to push into these Worldviews to expose the obvious. People’s pre-commitments, that they are not neutral about, make up World Views that deny the one true God that makes coherent thought possible. If you’d like, subscribe to our YouTube page to watch live videos and weekly videos of us sharing with unbelievers.

2. Our Hearts are Engines that Drive Our Content.

When Jesus is speaking of the heart he is not speaking of the blood pumping muscles that beats an average of 42,048,000 beats a year.
When He speaks of the heart, he means the very components that make you who you are in mind, will, and emotion. “The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). What is being exported out of the heart of someone who is in rebellion to Jesus is opposition to the truth. It can’t be held back. The heart is the flood gate of the soul and it is consistently pouring forth what is inside.

This is why in last month’s article, all man-made movements will fail, proceeded this article. The hearts that are leading movements and false beliefs are on a self-destructive path of failure that will leave a wake of destruction several generations wide.

3. What Comes Out is What They Believe.

When we listen to people, we then can speak with confidence. What a person believes comes through the meaning of the words they use. In
other words, we must determine what they believe by what they say. Until they change what they believe. This is what the Bible calls repentance. The root meaning of the word is to change your mind.

How can you really tell what somebody believes? Just simply listen to what they are either saying or writing. However, when you begin to
listen to these broken false beliefs and man-made movements, you will find a lot of contradictions. The next section of the article is not to belittle
anyone, it just serves as a framework to our job as Christians to exposes lies in order to lead people to the truth that will set them free. Here are a few

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Rep (D) New York- MSNBC live: “The conservatives try to say that my proposal is like some giant government
takeover. Obviously what we are trying to do… Obviously it’s not that.”[1]

This is what we call a logical fallacy. It cannot require a massive Government intervention and not require a massive Government
intervention. This is a contradiction and should diminish the strength of her argument.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Rep (D) New York says in her Green
New Deal:

“A job guarantee is more than just the direct hiring of workers by the federal or state governments, and more than an entitlement
program like unemployment insurance. A job guarantee is a legal right that obligates the federal government to provide a job for anyone who asks for one and to pay them a livable wage. The more states and communities that participate in a federal job guarantee, the more public works projects can be
completed across the country.”[2]

Ok, if the federal government is going to guarantee jobs and to pay livable wages, they are going to have the force communities and States
to back up what they are imposing. If not, where are the jobs coming from and who is going to pay them? This is not Capitalism, but it is Socialism. Remember, the overflow of their hearts is what comes out of their mouths.

Truth is obvious. Let’s start speaking to people with that in mind and stop letting them play charades with words. Jesus did.

Secondly, the heart is what pushes the content. A heart in rebellion- against the God who gives an objective framework to give meaning to all
things- will continue to peddle forth contradictions, impossible policies, and weak points. We just need to understand this is par for the course for a heart
that is in rebellion against their creator.

Thirdly, we need to listen and take them at their words. This is what they believe, and we should point out their contradictions. Show them that their pre-commitments express that they are not neutral in anything they are doing. When you get to their pre-commitments, you will see who they really are and what shapes their worldview. This is when we can lead them to repentance and faith in the one that makes life possible: Jesus! Next month we will address how to find someone’s pre-commitments and compare them to their life and observe for either evil or good.

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