The past three weeks out in the harvest field of our Lord here at GGM have taken different teams to Chapel Hill, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Phoenix, AZ. Everywhere we go we see people in direct opposition to our God’s great mercy. However, we also see people open to the truths of scripture, and the body of Christ is encouraged and equipped to share their faith in Jesus. Here are some highlights from the previous few weeks.

Chapel Hill Paul R





Chapel Hill, NC
Chapel Hill hosted their Homegrown Halloween. The attendance this year was around 22,000 people. This is when you see people at their worst; nevertheless, the Gospel can transform lives, whether it is in a church pew or in a street filled with young college kids mocking the Gospel. I entered one conversation with a gentleman who ripped up a tract and sprinkled the remnants on top of my head and walked off mocking God. I walked a few more feet, and a lady said that she would like to pray for our team and thanked us for being there. We had three Open Air Preachers that night proclaiming the word of God- Praise God!! There was a lot of opposition to the truth, but over 300 tracts were given out and a few bibles. We had several people that had never thought about death and the reality of standing before a holy and just God. Let’s keep praying for all of the seeds that were planted.






Phoenix, AZ
I spent five days in Phoenix, AZ with pastor Anthony Cox and his team at Mercy Hill Church. We went into the streets of his city to share the Gospel at the monthly first Friday event. A mass of humanity floated past us like an ocean wave. I stood up and began proclaiming from Matthew 11:25-26. Automatically, a woman began yelling at me about the worthlessness of the bible. She stated, ”It’s full of fairytales and contradictions,” while another person began yelling, “You are so judgmental!!“ God graciously took their mocking and drew a crowd of thirty to fifty people to hear the word of God. Most had their hands folded waiting on me to respond to the two friends I had just made.

I handed the first lady my bible and asked her to take me to the first contradiction that she knew of in the bible. She conveniently forgot where it was located. I explained how the bible is accurate in history, science, and prophecy. Although the Bible is not an exhaustive book in either science or history, what it says about both is accurate. I showed her how God must exist in order for her to make sense out of anything. These rebellious thoughts and actions postulate how much she hates a God that she knows exists. They continued to yell and mock as I explained why we need peace with this great God and how it is found in the Jesus.

Please pray for the people who heard and began to question what they believe about the one true God. Mario, Nacelle, Jonathan, and Constantine are the people whom God the Holy Spirit is starting to convict of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Anthony has a coffee meeting scheduled with Mario next week. Also, Mercy Hill has a gentleman who wants to be trained in Open Air Preaching. Pray that I would be faithful in training the men God is bring my way all over America.

NC State2





NC State Campus in Raleigh, NC
Kait is a young college kid that began mocking the Gospel about four weeks ago. As each week passed, he began to soften in his mocking. On the second week, I gave him a New Testament to read and gave him a homework assignment to read the Gospel of John. On the fourth week he completed his assignment. He admitted this week that he has questions but is beginning to see the logical consistency of Christianity. I have a lunch scheduled with him this Friday. Pray that God would have mercy on him and awaken Kait to his sin.