2013-08-03 16.35.35Iam back from Chicago and it was a trip paved by our amazing providential God. Upon arrival, I teamed up with Pastor Dave Johnson from Grace Covenant church. We picked two areas to focus on for evangelism. The first, was in the community of Lincoln square where Pastor Dave is planting his church. The second was in downtown Chicago at a huge music festival call Lollapalooza. Here are some of the highlights of the Gospel being put in action.

 We preached for three days and many people heard the truth from the book of Romans. I preached on the steps of a statue of Abraham Lincoln. We gave the seed of the Gospel out in bible and tract form. We had two young men ride up on their bikes, their names were Andrew and Russell, and they started listening very intently to the word of God. I had the opportunity to proclaim a clear Gospel message to them and Pastor Dave was able share the Gospel with them on an individual basis. Conviction of sin was there but they were not ready to repent and place faith in Jesus. Pray for them!

The last day at Lincoln square I did some evangelism training with one Pastor Dave’s disciple Dejan. As I preached the word of God, he began passing out bibles and tracts. He was out in the street gladly talking with people at the stop lights, bus stops, and park benches. He was zealous for Jesus!  I rejoice that our love for Jesus could help equip him and make him courageous. I was preaching from Romans fifteen when a gentleman came up and starting listening. Dejan approached him and started sharing the Gospel with him. I finished preaching and Dejan introduced him to me. His name was Tony. He was a gang banger and a cage fighter who had three children by three different women. As we shared his heart began to be convicted of the reality of his sin he did not receive Christ but the seed of repentance is started and we pray that God will continue in his life. Dejan got his number because he came out of the similar area of life. God saves us to become portraits of His grace. What an honor!!

The second area we reached was a music festival called lollapalooza in down town Chicago. We faced a lot of cursing, yelling, and persecution from the attendees. However, out of all the yelling and drunkenness Gods word was piercing hearts. I was preaching from Romans three on how the law cannot save us but it condemns leading us to the cross. There was a guy named Angel who stopped to listen. Out of the hundreds that were passing by laughing, mocking, and cursing Angel stopped. We never know when God is going to start the process of conviction and grant repentance and faith. Continue to pray for Angel, Tony, Russell and Andrew and the countless people who heard the truth. Pray for Grace Covenant and pastor Dave’s discipleship of Dejan and others. There are many other stories but neither time nor space will allow them. If you want to know more please contact me.

Thank you for your continued support and prayer for this ministry. Every new month God is opening more doors for us to preach his Gospel and share the vision of GGM. Continue to pray for us! I am encouraged by you and encouraged by those that God has started to convict of their sin in hopes of leading them to genuine repentance, faith and fruit. My heart breaks for all of those that mocked and showed the vileness of their hearts. However, that was me before I had Christ radically change my life. I hope this letter makes you courageous to share the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer list

1.       People that are being encouraged by our ministry would continue in their zeal for Jesus.


2.       For me as I struggle with periods of discouragement.


3.       For my relationship with my wife and children. We celebrate our ten year anniversary in August 16th!!


4.       For our financial support we still have a little ways to go before we reach our monthly goal.


5.       The picture below is where the Gospel seed has been planted this summer by GGM!!!!


6.       I am being licensed by my church as a Evangelist on August 22nd  


7.       Schedule for the next two months: Aug 16th to 19th sharing the vision of GGM in Charlotte N.C., Sept 8th preaching at G3 church in Franklinton NC, Sept 21 to 26th Myrtle Beach S.C. Vacation and Open Air Preaching, Sept 27th & 28th a booth at the Nine Marks Conference at Southeastern Theological Seminary