A Champion Community that will transform you and others

Thank you for visiting our Champion Community. In the above picture I am sharing the Gospel with Tyler, a young Agnostic. Here at GGM, we desire to train and build a community that will proclaim the Gospel to see lives like Tyler’s transformed. Thank you!

Become A Monthly Champion 

 Here is how our Champion Community will benefit you 

Here are some things that we have to offer:

You will have access to the whole GGM archive for only $10.00 a month. Here is what you will receive.

  1. Our monthly podcast with extended content for the GGM Champion Community
  2. Full length monthly articles that will help sharpen your evangelism efforts that are exclusively for you
  3. Six Curriculums for our Champion Community:
    1. 5 lessons on answering cults and false beliefs
    2. 10 lessons of sharing and defending the Gospel
    3. 5 lessons on answering common objections
    4. 10 lessons to open air preaching
    5. 7 lessons how to do abortion mill ministry
    6. 7 lessons on the fundamentals of fundraising

** Each one of these lessons come with a video training link.**

  1. A private Facebook group which will serve as a forum to ask any evangelism question you want
  2. We will also have live feeds of us sharing the Gospel in the harvest field.
  3. Three months’ worth of free tracts

Become A Monthly Champion 

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