I awoke this morning to a pack of dogs barking because a child set off fireworks that made a car alarm go off. It is about 5 am. I sleep on top of the sheets so the breeze of the fan can make contact with my skin as I sleep. I get out of my bed and wipe the sleep from my eyes and step out onto the balcony that faces the local River. The balcony is covered in the dust of the busy street below. The Qu’ran is blaring from a megaphone mounted on the side of the building that is the local meat market. The sound moves through the streets unhindered by laws – the minaret of the mosque catches my attention as I scan the horizon.  Both are sobering reminders of the stronghold that is on this land. Islam is not just something you believe: it is your life. If you leave Islam, you leave life as you know it.

My brother knocks on my door to tell me breakfast is ready.  I situate myself at the table and breakfast is served. He prays a prayer of thanksgiving over our meal as the megaphone continues to blare the Qu’ran.  It enters their apartment like a wanted guest. They are doing frontier missions work somewhere in the Middle East. His wife pulls back the curtain which allows us, from their five story apartment, to see their harvest field. As I stare out there is an endless sea of buildings five to seven stories high with alleys separating them from touching.

4 million people who have never heard the Gospel. The average missionary here lasts about three months due of the living conditions. Flower Town is the slums and very poor living conditions. This is a team that started here five years ago and is teaching 75 people to speak English as a second langue. I met a young lady who wants to study to be a nurse in Germany once she finishes her education.

She has asked for an Arabic Bible and is going to start studying the Injeel with one of the team. Their Community Center is a modest three story office building in Flower Town. One floor has a conference room that serves as classrooms to teach English. This is an amazing work that the Lord has established right in the middle of an unreached people group.

How can you help? First you need to pray for the team and their safety daily. Second, you, or maybe someone from your church, can give six months of their time to serve this team with boots on the ground in Flower Town. You would just simply help at the Flower Town Community Center by helping in the office doing admin work and helping teach English. You don’t have to have experience this team has taught English so long they can easily train you quickly.

Who should go? Preferably men who can adapt to different living conditions and have a burden for serving missionaries that are working in a pioneer missionary situation. If you are interested in this opportunity please email for more details. tommy@www.gospelgm.com Maybe you would like to give to help us take more trips like these. Click Here

Go proclaim the Gospel to see a life transformed and help us do the same through your faithful giving.

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