If you have been contemplating giving to Gospel of God Ministries; now is the time to give. Here is the great opportunity set before you for the next three weeks.

Last night was our 2nd Annual Founders Dinner for GGM. A generous donor has initiated a Matching Fund Grant for 2018. This is a great opportunity to help GGM start the budget for 2018 with a bang. Here are the details of the grant:

**Matching opportunity for 2018**
New Givers (one-time, or regular givers) – up to $400 of annual pledged giving
Current Givers – on new giving above and beyond 2017 giving level – up to $400 of new giving
(Maximum amount = $4, 500.00 – Donor has asked for gifts / pledges to be made by March 15th)

To make a secure donation online please use this link: 2018 Matching Grant select matching grant category.

You can also text “Transform” to 22383 to get a weekly updates of where we will be preaching.