Last weekend GGM proclaim the Gospel in our beloved city of Raleigh, NC. It was the annual World Beer Festival. Through all the beer and yelling, there was some great preaching and great individual conversations. Freddy, one of our leaders here at GGM, spoke with a gentleman who had just lost a young friend to cancer and was taking care of his dying father. Eternity was on this guy’s mind. His friends were trying to pull him away, but he shrugged them off to listen to the Gospel. Death was a reality that had this person thinking about the Gospel. He did not repent and place his faith in Jesus, but seeds were assuredly planted. We also decided to let Gigi share here experience from the harvest field because this was her first time sharing the Gospel alongside the GGM team. Go proclaim the Gospel so a life can be transformed.

Gigi’s Encounter

I can’t believe how incredibly lost people are and how important your work is.  I think it should be a requirement for people to go share their faith.

I’ve buried myself inside the church for so many years because I was so broken and needed healing that I forgot how much confusion and suffering there is out in the world without Jesus. Today, I saw bitterness, selfishness, anger, and self-righteousness all washed over with a lot of beer.  It made me so sad to see–and to remember when I stood with them on the other side of the fence. A prisoner.

Thank you for leading us to be brave and tell God’s truth. I see now how much I have to learn to be able to answer so many hard questions of the lost and rebellious. I ordered some Ray Comfort books and hope they will equip me better to go out there and serve alongside all you brothers and sisters who want to love others well. 

Let me know when you go out again!