Thank you for becoming one of our Champion Initiative Partners.  You can give safely and securely by either texting 919-336-1252 or clicking Single or Recurring Donations below. Enable us to proclaim the Gospel to see lives transformed. Thank You!

Single or Recurring Donations

As our culture debases itself more and more, as seen through the continued lifting up of what God Himself calls vile (Psalm 12:8); we are compelled by the Holy Spirit to follow the example of Messiah Himself and the apostles after Him, who went out into the public square bringing the gospel of truth to those simple and lost whom our Lord loves so dearly (Romans 10:14).

If you recognize the severe need for the Gospel to be exalted, and believe in aiding those fighting to awaken the culture, unto faith and repentance, in order to escape God’s wrath, then please consider praying for and financially supporting this ministry. Your financial gift allows us a greater opportunity to minister to those around us, thus fulfilling the great commission commanded by Jesus. Once you have tithed to your local church, if you are able, please give to GGM so that the Bible can be preached and taught clearly and effectively in ways that are meaningful and relevant to our neighbors. No gift is too small and we are frequently beseeching God to grant us monthly giving partners.

Gospel of God Ministries is deeply committed to honest and trustworthy stewardship. We love and fear God and take very seriously all that He gives to us through the sacrifice of others. Complete accountability and transparency of our finances is a given and a must. Gifts and contributions made to GGM help fund our ongoing commitment to teach and preach the gospel until faith becomes action.

It is our prayer that you are encouraged and strengthened as you hear and see what the Lord is allowing us to do in Raleigh and elsewhere by His grace and compassion.  Of course, without the LORD none of this would be possible, but as part of His plan, we also need the prayer and financial support from the body of Christ.

We pray for God’s richest blessings upon you, your friends and loved ones. Below are some practical ways you can be involved

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