There are times when the Lord pulls the curtain of life back and gives us a glimpse into His work through us. Here is one of those glimpses of God working in the middle of an Open Air Preaching event. Maybe you have never been out with one of our teams from GGM. Maybe you have been thinking that you want to come out with us, but you don’t know what to do because you are not an Open Air Preacher. Read this story and see how God used Angelique. He can use you the same way. Go proclaim the Gospel to see a life transformed.

A dear friend, Greg Stephens, was preaching when this happened.

Hello! My name is Angelique. My husband and I live near Camp Lejeune. God gave me an incredible opportunity at the New Year celebration where you were preaching on the street. I attend a small non-denominational church. Every New Year our pastor prays for a word to give to the church. The theme for this year is “Awakening”. So to start at the beginning…

My husband and I traveled north to visit some family for Christmas. On our way back, we were going to find somewhere to stay and celebrate New Year’s Eve together since neither of us get a lot of time off of work. I nonchalantly suggested Raleigh because it was close to home, but far enough that we would still feel like we were vacationing. We had dinner and then decided to go to First Night and see what was going on since we’d never been. As we were walking down the street, we saw a few people with signs, “God hates sin” and such. It gave me a little bit of a bad taste because of how brash it was. When I saw you I assumed you were doing the same violent, “Do this or go to hell” speech.

For some reason as we were walking by I stopped and had to listen to you for a few minutes. My poor husband didn’t even realize at first that I’d turned back. You were speaking truth from your heart. You were trying to save people by telling both sides of the story – love and consequence. As we stood there I felt the urge to start praying for you. As I looked around us, I noticed all of the Middle Eastern-looking people and things getting a little heated out there.

Specifically, a man in a camouflage sweater was shaking his finger at you saying God wasn’t real. He fired up some other non-believers and believers. Here is the part of the story that I really wanted to tell you… A girl bumped into us at the back of the crowd. She whispered to herself, “This is so embarrassing”. I turned to her and asked why. She said that the man yelling at you was her boyfriend and they have a baby at home. I asked her what she believed. She said she was a Christian and that her boyfriend was an atheist and a former Muslim.

She opened up and told me about their child and how she was trying to raise him up in a godly way. God pricked my heart for her. I asked her if we could pray together and she said yes. I held her hands and had the opportunity to pray with her for her, her household and boyfriend. It was such a blessing and a beginning to an awakening of 2016 for me.

So, thank you for speaking truth and following the will of God. Sorry this is so long. I hope you have a beautiful 2016!