What better way to enjoy your Fourth of July weekend than going to downtown Raleigh, eating some good comfort food, watching fireworks with family, and listen to God’s Word being proclaimed… That probably wasn’t on people’s mind when going downtown for the festivities, but that’s what they got at “The Works”.

I was preaching out of Galatians 5:1-6, on how true freedom can only be found in Jesus Christ and that we celebrate freedom but they are still slaves to sin unless Jesus saves them. So, I shared, God wants you! (In a patriotic way) We shared that we want them to come with us to the real land of the free and forgiven which is Heaven, not America. A lot of tracts were passed out; we had some interesting hecklers, and prayed for “back sliders”. Our prayer is that all seeds landed on good soil.

Let’s rejoice because about 300 tracts were passed out to many people. We boldly shared with people that they have a big sin problem and only God can save them from the “H” word that most Christian don’t like to mention… Hell. We also shared that we cannot earn this great salvation nor do we deserve it.  In fact the only thing we have earned is God’s wrath. We called people to repentance and faith, while telling them about God’s mercy and His lovingkindness toward them.

While passing out tracts, we also experienced a few interesting hecklers. One in particular did not like what I was sharing with a young lady. This young lady was listening to the Word and I asked her if she thought Hell was reasonable. We went back and forth for a bit and she said “What about all the other religions?” To which I said, “They are all wrong. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father but through Him. He is the only true God.” So the heckler yells,“ You can’t say that! That can be truth for her!” Just as I was going to answer his comment, one of our team members jumped in and responded to his statement. I continued sharing the Gospel with the young lady, took her through the Ten Commandments, and lovingly pointed her to the Cross, which she seemed open to.

Towards the end of the outreach, a woman approached the team and shared with me that the young lady I witnessed to is her daughter. She poured out her heart and shared that her daughter is no longer going to church. She was excited that I shared the Good News with her daughter. We were able to pray for her daughter and encouraged the mother to press on and stand firm in the faith. We don’t know how prayer works, but we do know that God does extraordinary things through prayer. Fellow believers, please pray for all the “back sliders” – that they would truly repent and trust Jesus alone for their salvation.

In conclusion, “The Works” was a great success. Any time the true Gospel is preached it’s a success even if we don’t see immediate results. Our prayer is that Heaven rejoiced for at least one sinner who was forgiven of their sin. Believer, be encouraged in that God is good and He saved us!

Now let’s not keep this to ourselves; go share the Gospel to see a life transformed. If not now, then when? And if not you, then who? He is worthy! Go proclaim to transform!

Gospel of God Missionary,
Freddy Molina