Gospel of God Ministries and Sports Fan Outreach International will be teaming up for a weekend long training event for Evangelist in Charlotte, NC http://sfoi.org/coca-cola-600-festival-17/


If you are thinking about doing either Open Air Preaching for the first time or you want to get better in your Open Air Preaching come join us. Click on the above link for details. You will be able to give a donation to our ministry and receive a workbook of all the following material. Donate Here  Here is the layout of the weekend :


Lesson 1 -Introduction and the history of Open Air Preaching /Lesson 2- Fundamentals of Open Air Preaching and Open Air Dialogue



Lesson 3- Common Objections A / Lesson 4- Common Objections B


Lessons 5-Dealing With Police Officers /Lessons 6 Importance of Personal Holiness




Lesson 7-The Engine of Prayer / Lesson 8-How to Disciple Evangelist and People in Evangelism


Lesson 9-The Benefit of being a Church Member and Submit to Church Leadership/ Lesson 10-What Tools to Use During Open Air Preaching