We preached at the Bluegrass Festival this weekend in Raleigh, NC. Over 146,000 attendees over three days- needless to say it was a great event to proclaim the Gospel. We had the opportunity to have two friends tag along who have not shared the Gospel in the Open Air a lot, I decide to let them share their experiences with you. Shane’s story will be first, followed by Megan’s. Then I will close with some key prayer points for the next few weeks.

Shane’s Story
The throngs of people were so overwhelming, and I had been intimidated by a couple of harsh encounters. However, Tommy had really encouraged me in the car ride over, so I continued boldly giving the Holy Spirit opportunities to start those gospel conversations. After two hours of talking to lost person after lost person about Christ, I realized that a lot of people are confused about who Jesus really is. Mr. Parker is one who doesn’t even care who Jesus really is. He states, “I am just gonna have a blast in this life and don’t care where I go next.” Even the Mr. Parker’s of the world need the truth.

Megan’s Story
This past weekend was really my first experience in sharing the gospel on the street. There were so many people, and as Tommy preached, it seemed that not many were interested at all in what he was saying. Many thought they were saved and didn’t need what was being offered, many were indifferent and just walked by, and some blatantly rejected God. My eyes were opened to the lostness in our city, and I realized how sharing my faith more will give me confidence to carry on difficult conversations. All men will be held accountable to God, and we need to help them understand that reality and prepare their hearts for that day.
I hope these two stories have helped you see the amount of lostness and indifference that is around every Christian. May you go proclaim the Gospel to see a life transformed!!

Prayer Needs
• GGM will have a booth setup in front of the Wal-Mart on Glenwood Ave in Raleigh, NC, on Oct 11th. We are going to be sharing the Gospel and selling baked goods to raise money to finish this year strong financially.
• Let’s rejoice over God allowing us to be at the 9 Marks Conference again this year at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We made several great connections.
• GGM will have a Luncheon at Open Door Baptist Church (our home church) October 19th. This luncheon will be informative so that more people will know what we do in proclaiming the Gospel.
• I will be traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, Nov 6-11th to help support a North American Church Planting Foundation church. Anthony Cox is a pastor of Mercy Hill Church in Phoenix. I will be encouraging them in their Open Air Preaching and one on one evangelism.
• Family News!! We are having another baby!! Yes, we are expecting the arrival of a new baby by the end of May next year. We have also put a contract on a newly constructed home in Wake Forest, NC. Our God is very kind and merciful to us. Pray for a boy!!