boston featured page 2012  I begin this update with a story from my weekend of preaching in Asheville NC. We were packing up to leave early Sunday morning to head back to Raleigh before my preaching trip to Chicago. I was called inside the house to find that my youngest daughter had broken her arm. We rushed her to the nearest hospital. When the doctor came in, my wife told him I was an Open Air preacher. He said, “ you have a lot of work here in Asheville.” What he said summed up why we train believers and seek the lost. He is right! There is a lot of work to be done everywhere. People are ignorant of the one true God. We hope our experiences here at GGM encourage you to be bold for our Savior. I would like to thank pastor Pack from North Asheville Baptist Church for giving Gospel of God Ministries an opportunity to seek the lost and train believers alongside of NABC in their beloved city of Asheville. Continue to pray for this church as they train believers to be a light on a hill in a very dark city.
Your friendly neighborhood Atheist
I began preaching from Acts 17 and within five minutes an Atheist came up stating that the burden of proof was on me to prove with 100 percent certainty that God exist. I was able to show him that there are very few claims that we believe that have 100 percent certainty. I was able to show him, when any claim is made that cannot be proved with 100 percent certainty like my claim that God does exist and his claim God does not exist. We have to discuss which belief is more probable. I asked which belief corresponds with reality in a more coherent fashion. God either exist or God does not exist? I suggested to him that Gods existence is more probable than not because He gives answers to origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. I also showed how Atheism could not answer origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. I was able to show him and the crowd the importance of the seeking and believing in one the true God, the bible, and the importance of being forgiven for sins through the Gospel. As we sought to give them the truth of the Gospel, I can say that it was a very civil conversation and I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict him and all who heard. Worthy is the Lamb!!
The honest Agnostic
This gentleman was named Axe. He had a Mohawk about a foot tall and it was dyed bright blue at the center of his face a spear was piercing his nose. As he came up, I thought I was going to receive a tongue lashing, but this was not the case. He asked questions about the Old Testament law and how they apply to my daily life. I was able to answer his questions and clear up a lot of false views he had about the bible. He drew a big crowd and his questions were a great opportunity for the proclamation for the Gospel. I was able to connect him to NABC in the area. Before he left me, he shook my hand and thanked me for answering his questions. He knew Christians; however, they would not answer his questions. When he brought them up in conversation they would change the subject. I thank God for the opportunity to be there to teach Axe and move him one step closer to the cross and repentance.
Those who mocked the truth
People cursed, yelled, and held up profane signs against the truth. By their own admission, some were high on crystal meth and heroine and they sprawled themselves on the ground to listen to the Gospel of hope. This is one of reasons why we seek them out they won’t come to use. In review, bibles and tracts were given out and several people have visited GGM web site looking at information about the Gospel. I close with Emily’s Doctor words, “ You have a lot of work here in Asheville.” He is right. Not just in Asheville, but everywhere. May we continue to train believers and seek the lost while we still have time! Romans 1:16