Briefly introduce your family and how our supporters and readers can pray.

Hey guys! I am super excited to be a part of GGM! Kristina and I have four children. Megan (22), Madison (19), Mathew (16), and Micah (13). I have previously served as an elder in a church in Florida for 5 years and have been the deacon of evangelism at my local church for the last 5 years. Please pray that I can be a faithful husband and father, leading my family in the fear of the Lord.


How long have you been walking with Jesus and how did you start open-air preaching?

God saved me when I was 17 years old. None of my family were believers so my first few years were rocky, to say the least. Once Kristina and I were married God really convicted us that we should be sharing the gospel with as many people as possible. We basically practiced “friendship evangelism” since we had no real training on how to share our faith. Even with our lack of training God used our efforts and saved co-workers and family members. In the last few years, our understanding of evangelism has become more biblical and enjoyable. Within the last year, we wanted to focus on the abortion ministry and met Zack Braddy and Scott Smith. Zack really challenged us with his boldness and being unashamedly Christian at the abortion mill. Scott made open-air preaching downtown fun and exciting. Now with training from Tommy and being consistent weekly at the abortion mill we have seen God use and grow us in amazing ways!

 One of your experiences while open-air preaching and why it is needed?

One of the most amazing experiences that I see consistently…

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