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Evangelism In a Flash




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Peter Firth


I am blessed to be a leader with Gospel Of God Ministries. There is no greater joy than to proclaim Jesus Christ crucified to the lost, wherever they may be found. I’ve had the privilege of preaching with GGM for over a year now. One of the greatest benefits of serving in this ministry is the accountability that is required to maintain a personal level of holiness and integrity that God demands from those who serve Him.

I am a saved sinner. I do not practice sin but I recognize that the sin nature is still within me and I struggle with it. May the Lord help me in my struggles that my prayers and service be not hindered. I’ve learned that the only way to make it is through total surrender to God’s will, which paradoxically is my freedom. With God’s help, I am able to prepare sermons and grow in the knowledge of Him, which draws me closer to the Lord.

My main focus in the ministry has been reaching local abortion facilities, as well as at the bus station in downtown Raleigh. I am also enrolled in GGM’s internship program to develop skills in evangelism and apologetics. I would ask for your prayers that I would be more fervent in my prayer life and to have even more desire to see souls saved in true conversions. May the Lord be exalted and magnified in all that I do or say.


Jamie Clark


My name is Jamie Clark, from Lexington, SC. I have been a leader with Gospel of God Ministries for about a year, with the primary focus of ministry being along Main Street in downtown Columbia,  Thursday nights (Thursday Night on Main). Lord willing, I will be out at the home games for USC Gamecocks football. Some major benefits of being a part of GGM is the network of Godly men who can offer wisdom and direction in the ministry of OAP, as well as prayer partners that lift up the various outreaches to the Lord. Another benefit is the availability of Bibles and tracts to hand out during outreach.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to open doors for the Gospel to go out, that hearts would be prepared to hear and repent, trusting in the Lord Jesus. Pray also that the Lord will give us favor with elected officials and law enforcement. Additionally, that He would raise up laborers for the harvest field here in Columbia. Please pray for my family and myself that I would love as Christ loves and manifest His grace daily, as well that our eyes would be focused solely on Christ, the author, and perfecter of our faith, and that we would walk by faith and not by sight.

Our son Caleb, who is 3, is having difficulty with his speech and is receiving speech therapy. Please pray for this issue to be resolved. Thank you and God bless!



Paul Roepnack


My name is Paul Roepnack and I have been a team leader for 5 years. It has been such a blessing to preach with Gospel Of God Ministries teams locally and nationally, and doing so has increased my faith and love for Christ, as I spend time with this team of men who are challenging me and encouraging me.

Right now, my ministry focus has been the local high school here in Cary, NC, one of the largest high schools in NC, and our kids have been instrumental in that outreach. I stand with my daughter at 7 am during morning drop off, offering free Bibles, Gospel DVD’s, and tracts while I proclaim the Gospel to both parents and students at the high school.

The experience has been eye-opening. Students come up to ask for free Bibles, some remarking they have never owned one before.  Angry parents sometimes try to interfere, but God has also provided several faithful mothers who get out of their cars to run interference. Students ask questions, and some just need a word of encouragement, but overall the Gospel is proclaimed out loud to students who will spend the entire day accumulating knowledge but will not be taught Wisdom, which is to fear the Lord.  We pray during each outreach that God would soften hearts and open eyes to Jesus Christ. Please pray along with us.

Bryan Braddy


My name is Bryan Braddy, from Wake Forest, NC. I have been a leader with Gospel of God Ministries for about 3 months now.  I have been going out with Gospel Of God at many of the special events in downtown Raleigh, Super Bowl Outreaches in San Francisco, Houston, Minnesota, Kentucky Derby, Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte,  and Friday Nights on White in downtown Wake Forest.

I began by just handing out gospel tracts, but soon was having conversations with people about Jesus, and finally open-air preaching for the first time in San Francisco.  I believe that God is using Gospel of God to equip believers and encourage them to share their faith as they did for me.

Please pray that the Lord will open the hearts and the eyes of the lost to the Gospel.  Pray for my son Colin, who is 19, that he will continue to study God’s Word and become a Godly man as he leaves our home and returns to college. Please pray for my wife Emily, as she starts a new school year as a preschool teacher.

Pray that my younger son, Aidan, grows in his faith and that Dylan, my youngest, would profess the Lord as his Savior. Thank you and God bless!

Zack Braddy


My wife Kim and I have four beautiful children Lukas, Paton, Haley, and Ava they keep us very busy.

My major harvest field post is the local abortion mill in Raleigh, NC. The Gospel is to be preached at abortion clinics because there, more than anywhere else, lives and the glory of God are at stake. Proverbs 24:11 tells us to “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold
back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.” In a very real way, as ambassadors of Christ, we are doing just that when we go to these places of death and darkness and preach the words of life and light found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Men and women are hell-bent on destroying the lives of their own children, rebelling against the God who has given them the gift of a child and who calls them to turn to Him in faith. We have been tasked with the job of preaching the Gospel to them in order that they might repent of their hatred and murderous intentions toward their children and place their trust and faith in the only one who can save them, Jesus Christ.

When we go to proclaim the Good News, our desire is to see God glorified, to see souls won to Christ, and to see babies saved. We go because God commands us to go (Matt. 28:18-20, Prov. 24:11, Mark 16:15), because we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, and because we want to see God put an end to the horrors and injustices of child sacrifice that occur on a daily, even moment by moment basis at these mills. As Christians, it is our duty and privilege to herald the Gospel of our King at the abortion clinic.

Sean Keefe


My name is Sean Keefe and my major harvest field post is in Raleigh, NC on Friday nights. We have been faithful- by Gods grace- to consistently share the Gospel for the past two years. God has done things that only he could do. Read this story to get a taste of what this amazing God can do through willing ambassadors.

My wife Elisa and I have two kids Miranda and Joe. Thank you for continually praying for our ministry to the lost souls in Raliegh, NC.





Seth Richardson


I have been preaching with GGM for 3 years now, my first event being Speed Street 2016. I was introduced to Tommy Waltz and GGM by a brother who knew I had a passion to reach the lost and to learn Open Air Preaching.

My post as a GGM team leader is in Durham, NC. The city is known for its activist roots to its current reputation as a progressive Southern city which champions itself as an LGBTQ friendly city.  I often encounter professing atheists, those who practice eastern religion, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Muslims. The Black Hebrew Israelites also have a growing presence in Durham and they are having great influence over the urban community.

Given the great diversity of worldviews and religious beliefs in Durham along with my relatively short time as a Christian and Evangelist, I would really appreciate prayer for boldness and that God would grant me the ability to learn and grow as an Evangelist and Apologist. I would also greatly appreciate prayer for my primary mission field which is my family, my wife and three teenage children. I also pray that God would stir the church to greater boldness to evangelize the world (starting at home) as we consider the Great Commission.

God bless you and thank you for supporting the open proclamation of the Gospel to see lives transformed.