Praise God!!! He gave me the courage today to join Gospel of God Ministries (GGM) outside the abortion clinic in Raleigh. Although I was nervous of the unknown, I wasn’t scared  today because I knew I wouldn’t be alone. It was a “slow” day today (per Tommy Waltz), three appointments which means three cars with women who would be potentially killing unborn lives. To be honest, I had a lot of mixed emotions before, during and after this adventure.  

Once I made up my mind to go, Melanie Waltz really helped prepare me by sharing YouTube videos by Patte Smith, Watch Videos on what to expect at these abortion clinics and what kinds of questions that might be asked if I were to actually have a conversation with someone and how to respond. Having really no idea  where the clinic was even located or what to expect or do once I got there, I was truly thankful that Melanie agreed to take me today. We prayed in the car before we arrived and then when I walked up  to the abortion clinic.  I had never been in this area, nor even knew where the actual building was as there isn’t a visible sign from the road because it’s hidden in between office buildings. 

As we arrived, I saw Tommy speaking truth from the Bible out loud and on the corner of the clinic driveway and three women were off to the side in the shade across the road just praying and another guy was at the top of the hill holding a sign.  There was a lady that volunteered for the clinic (to escort abortion-bound women into the clinic) standing at the end of the parking lot near Tommy and there was a car in the parking lot.  As Tommy preached to the clinic volunteer and the one in the car, with their windows down waiting for their family member, I became to feel overwhelmed with emotions and started to cry.  Melanie was quick to comfort me but that voice inside my head told me to gather my thoughts and take them captive, it wasn’t about me and I had a purpose to fulfill today. I know my strength came from God, because I collected myself to go over and introduce myself with Melanie to Ray (another avid evangelist and friend of Tommy’s) on the hill holding a sign. I also got to meet for the first time Zack, whom is the husband of a friend, Kim, that attends Open Door’s ladies bible study with me. Kim has mentioned her husband before during bible study and we have prayed for him, so this was exciting for me to briefly meet him. He preaches outside the clinic every week and on the streets with GGM. 

I decided to go introduce myself to the other three women, who I found out were Catholic, who were praying off to the side and say hi as we waited for the lady to come back out from her appointment inside the clinic. As I was talking with them,   two more women came to join them in prayer. One was accompanied by her grandson which gave me much joy for some reason.  I was so excited to see all these people coming out here this morning. I started a conversation up with the boy and his grandmother. The young 10 year-old old boy was great, he brought me such joy and courage. I was so proud to see him there and said this to him. He quickly shared with me that this was like his 100th time here because his grandma comes every Thursday to pray.  I mentioned to them that today was my first time out here. We shared a small conversation together, I shared with them that I was raised Catholic most of my life in upstate New York, but converted to Christianity about 2 years ago after moving here and that I attend Open Door. One lady said, they were from Saint Raphael’s church and said to me, “so you know about the rosary beads” and I said “yes, but I don’t pray with them anymore.”  Then I let them resume praying and walked back over near Tommy to support him and pray alongside him for the people leaving the clinic. 

We were successful with sharing tracts and pamphlets with one young couple. This couple was actually polite but wouldn’t come talk with us, but as they drove by to leave, Tommy was able to hand them a pamphlet with resources and quickly told them there’s another option, you don’t have to murder your baby, and as they drove off I yelled, god bless you.

As I watched and took it all in, I have to say Tommy and Melanie are fantastic.  Their passion for what they do and how they share God’s word is electrifying. Tommy is a joy to watch preach the Gospel and he does it well, with composure, strength and great belief in the almighty God. He definitely doesn’t have an easy job, but he makes it look easy and it takes dedication and hope and a great belief for the Gospel to stand there and do what he does every week.

At 10:30 we wrapped it up because it looked like they were done seeing people for the day at the clinic, so we prayed together and talked a bit.  Tommy proceeded to his next preaching event at NCSU and Melanie and I went to lunch to talk about what just happened. I actually left with hope in my heart and excited to come back again another day.  I had conquered something that was really frightening and something I had put off doing for awhile, but it wasn’t bad. 

My take away prayer tonight is, please continue praying for those lost souls that think killing innocent babies is okay.  Pray for the volunteers and workers at this clinic and the doctor that performs these abortions.  Also continue praying for Tommy and the others that go to speak truth outside these clinics. I was told it isn’t often as smooth as today, nor safe at times. I feel God was protecting me from the ugliness of what it could of been like.  Having lived such a sheltered life. I will admit, I am guilty of having the mentality that what I don’t know or see isn’t my problem and I don’t need to care about what others do.  I think that this mentality is the reason our country is in the shape it’s in.  I’m thankful for Tommy and Melanie and how they showed me it’s time to change my way of thinking and it’s time to be more involved with sharing the Gospel with others.  There are too many lost people in this world that need to hear about Jesus.  Thanks for reading my experience at the abortion clinic today.  Michelle