Every Friday night for the last two years, a team of evangelists has hit the streets of downtown Raleigh, taking
the Gospel to people who might otherwise never set foot in a church.
I happen to be one of the super blessed individuals that get to participate with them on a regular basis. On the
First Friday of June, a group of the regular Friday-night evangelists were plowing and fishing as is customary.
On that particular night, I had been talking with a young atheist, Donovan, for about ten minutes when a young
woman named Andraya approached us and asked what we were talking about. I explained that we were talking
about a subject that makes many people angry and uncomfortable. I asked her if she was sure that she really wanted
to enter into our conversation. She said yes, so I told her “We are talking about Yahweh, the God of Israel and
His Messiah ,Jesus”. Much to my surprise she responded enthusiastically, saying “Great! I believe in Yahweh and
Jesus Christ.”

She then shared something that was truly encouraging. She explained that she had been there, on that same corner,
a year before, leaning up against the building. Even though she was drunk, she was listening to the preaching.
She became convicted of her sin. A man and his wife came up to her and they dialogued with her.
Andraya told me that the preaching and the conversation that night were the catalysts that started her spiritual
journey to find out who God is. About eight months later she repented, believed in Christ and became born again.
She told me that she was just recently baptized and is now being discipled at a Gospel-centered church in Cary, NC.
We praise God for moving on Andraya’s heart that night, and thank Him for the many opportunities that we have to
share the Gospel on Friday nights in downtown Raleigh.

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