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Season 4 Episode 55

Tune in to hear both extensive content on the Black Hebrew Israelite Ideology as well as the Christian idea of discernment!

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Season 4 Episode 54

Follow Tommy’s conversation with this young man. (This is not our normal podcast format)

Inconsistencies to look for:

  1. How you determine if someone is human and not a parasite.
  2. Truth is determined by facts? ( This shows his autonomy)
  3. Jesus was a man; therefore, he was not perfect.

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Season 4 Episode 53

Blacks Lives Matter And My Critique

1. Socialism defined

2. What the Black Lives Matter Organization believes

a. Inconsistencies

b. Self-Refuting Statements

c. Facts don’t have feelings

3. The Real Solution

a. Gospel

b. Understanding the family

c. Having hard conversations

4. Moving Forward

a. Individual Responsibility

b. Proportionate Action

c. Communities toward individual independence

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Season 4 Episode 52

Apologetics Part 3 The main points that we will hit in this podcast are:

1.  Learn how we use the questions from our previous, second lesson (Apologetics Part 2) in a conversation!

2. Learn in more depth how to dialogue with unbelievers.

3. Let your dialogue lead to the gospel.

THIS IS THE FULL PODCAST! Tune in to the entire podcast to get the full, in-depth discussion & analysis that we’ll provide!

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Season 4 Episode 51

Apologetics Part 2 In this podcast, we will discuss how to apply ‘pressupositional apologetics’ by asking good questions…

1. What are your preconditions for intelligibility?

2. Where do you get morals from?

3. Could everything you know be false? Or Could you be wrong about everything you claim to know? Yes. They give up certainty. We are certain because God can’t lie and he has reveal knowledge.

4. What is your basis for truth?

We also will spend time examining how this is practically applied by listening to a conversation that uses questions to show the inconsistencies within other worldviews in the full podcast. To unlock this complete-length podcast and more training material, become a monthly champion for $10 a month by following this link here:






Season 4 Episode 50

Apologetics Part 1– “Say if your friend as you the question. Why do you believe Jesus is God? To give an answer back to them for what you believe in a reasonable defense.”

1. Classical

2. Evidential

3. Presuppositional

Tune into the podcast to hear the difference and significance between the three!

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Season 4 Episode 49

Part 2 Hermeneutical Triangle

The Main Points which We examine in this Podcast will be used in the study of Isaiah 47 :

1. The Background

2. Observation

3. The Main Idea of the Text

4. Interpretive Challenges

5. Letting Scripture Interpret Scripture

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Season 4 Episode 48

Part 1 Hermeneutical Triangle

  1. Find the seam of the scripture and you will find the main idea of the text. (MIT)
  2. Ask the who, what, why, when, How and where
  3. Underline Nouns and Verbs
  4.  Dig into the original languages
  5. Repeated words are key
  6. Where do repeated phrases show up in the other books in the bible
  7.  How does this tie into the overarching theme of scripture?
  8. Application
    1. How does this text and the points I am using show the overarching view of scripture?
    2. How can everyone apply MIA (Main Application Idea) to their life?







Season 4 Episode 47

The Questions which we ask to Pastor Monteher:

1. Where is Maputo, Mozambique. What is your role serving there and how long you have been serving there?

2. How is life and ministry in Mozambique? What is the one thing you enjoy the most and one thing you like the least about living in serving in Mozambique?

3. How is God working/moving in Mozambique?

4. How and why should our church be involved in taking the true gospel into Africa?

5. What is different about America and Mozambique when it comes to our cultures and how that effects sharing the Gospel?

We ask one more critical question of Pastor Monteher about life in Mozambique and got to hear how God is working. To unlock this full-length podcast and more training material, become a monthly champion for $10 a month by following this link here:







Season 4 Episode 46

Tommy interviewed Dr. Roach on the topic of Biblical Inerrancy.

  1. Bill, you have contributed to several books on the inerrancy of Scripture. How did you get involved in those projects and why are they important?
  1. Could you provide a brief survey of the inerrancy debate for our listeners?
  1. What do we mean inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy?
  2. What is a good argument to defend the inerrancy of Scripture?

The last two questions are for monthly champions here is what you missed:What is limited inerrancy vs full or plenary inerrancy? What are the significant reasons you hold one verses the other? What are the implications of the doctrine of inerrancy for the local church and evangelism? Find out about becoming a monthly champion partner and accessing our GGM content at






Season 4 Episode 45

This episode will cover:

1. How the Bible views gender.

2. How the LGBTQ defines sexuality and gender.

3. How is our culture being influenced more by LGBTQ then the Christian worldview.

4. How do we move forward with the Christian worldview and loving people and speaking the truth. For our monthly champion community we are going to share some of our encounters that we have had with homosexuals over the years and the details of the next three points. Find out about becoming a monthly champion here. 

Season 4 Episode 44

  1. Because you are out of the normal rhythm of life take some time to pray, fast, and seek the Lord and your family.
  2. Take this time to share the gospel because everybody is thinking about brevity and the fragile balance of life. Something like this exposes us to how weak and dependent we are as humans upon the one true God.
  3. Be a stable anchor and a place of peace that your friends and family can lean on.
  4. Cut out the major news outlets and tune into the CDC. The majority of the media is riding the wave of viewer ratings.





Season 4 Episode 43

We are going to cover a movement, a theory, and a theology that is deadly dangerous.

Here is a quick definition of all three that will be addressed:

The Woke Church Movement (WCM) – Being enlightened to social injustice in America. A book you can read to find out more about this movement is Eric Mason’s book The Woke Church.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) – The critical race theory is a collection of activists and scholars engaged in studying and transforming the relationship among race, racism, and power (From page two of Critical Race Theory by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic).

Black Liberation Theology (BLT) – James Cone defines this term in his book which has the same title, “Rather it is a study of God’s liberating activity in the world, God’s activity on behalf of the oppressed.” (Found on page three of A Black Theology of Liberation).

Season 3 Episode 42

How are you doing? Take these tips and become a better reader and evaluate your physical and spiritual life to set practical goals for 2020.

  1. How did you do on your reading list this year?
  2. A personal check-up to evaluate your mental and physical health?
  3. Your spiritual health check-up
  4. The application taking your answers and setting a goal under each category reading, physical, and spiritual.
  5. Find an exhaustive list of all the question by becoming a monthly champion at  





Season 3 Episode 41

Today we are dealing with the “G” in our R.U.L.I.N.G. acronym. The “G” stands for Gods law in nature and His Word.

  1. God’s laws in nature
  2. God’s law in His Word
  3. How both can be appliedIn close, creation points us to the one true living God Who makes life possible and plausible. God’s Word found in the Bible explains in a great deal who this God is compared to all the imposters out there. Read Psalm 96:5, “For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the LORD made the heavens.”

Season 3 Episode 40

Today we are dealing with the “N” in our R.U.L.I.N.G. acronym. The “N” stands for neutrality being a myth

Three points to cover today.

1.We all have pre-beliefs, pre-commitments, and pre-suppositions through which we analyze all things and view life.

2. Our pre-beliefs are so fundamental that we instinctively use them in every area of our lives.

3. The unbeliever’s betrayal of his or her pre-beliefs shows that neutrality is fabricated to try to escape God. 

Season 3 Episode 39

Today we are dealing with the “I” in our R.U.L.I.N.G. acronym. The “I” stands for the impossibility of the contrary

Three points to cover today.

  1. The unbeliever, without God, is in the rabbit hole and cannot be certain about how to get out, nor certain about anything.
  2. Our humanity brings us to a realization that it is impossible to be anything other than dependent. Nevertheless, humans are the ones crying out that they are independent.
  3. It is impossible to derive life from anything other than God.

Season 3 Episode 38

We all have one thing in common at a family reunion our last name. Find out on this podcast what the entire human race has in common because of God’s generous gift to us.

We are continuing on the R.U.L.I.N.G. acronym. On this podcast, we are going to cover life being intellgiable.

  • Life is screaming at you that there is purposemeaning, and hope. He is a self- attesting God and He gives preconditions for intelligibility.
    1. What does it mean for God to be self-attesting? God testifies about himself because He is the only person who is eternal and unable to be corrupted by sin.
    2. What do I mean by intelligible? That life can be understood and comprehended because God put things in place to give us a platform to observe from.
  • He gave preconditions which allowed us the ability to exist physically. These preconditions are:
    1. Time- In the beginning
    2. Space- God created the heavens
    3. Matter- and earth
  • Exposing inconsistencies within other worldviews





Season 3 Episode 37

Tommy Waltz had an opportunity to preach psalms 2 at Christ Our Hope Churhc in Lynhurst, NJ. Here are the fours points

Verses 1-3 Nations, People, and Kings hate God and God’s followers.

Verses 4-6 The King of Kings responses

Verses 7-9 King David and King Jesus speak truth

Verses 10-12 Gods Wisdom always comes with a warning







Season 3 Episode 36

Addison Woosley has taken social media by storm the past few weeks. Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, and others have shared her story. Vice President Mike Pence has seen her video.

We interviewed both Addison Woosley and Haley Braddy on why they are speaking at their local city council to end abortion in Raleigh, NC. Here are the interview questions.

1. What motivated you to stand and speak at your local city council?

2. For those who did see the video, what do you want them to know and understand?

3. What would you say to any person, young, or old who is wanting to speak at their local city council?

4. How is this bigger than the abortion issue?

5. What was going through your mind when those people started screaming at you?




Season 3 Episode 35

We are continuing on the R.U.L.I.N.G. acronym. On this podcast, we are going to cover uniformity in nature.

  1. Creation is a finely tuned machine. Gen 1-3
  2. The future will be like the past because God created it to be that way and sustains it. Gen 8:22
  3. Uniformity in creation points to a creator.

The inconsistency of the unbelieving Worldviews

  1. Random chance in evolution can’t account for the reality that we know and live in.
  2. Other religious beliefs cannot account for creation because they are appealing to a false god. Ps 96:5

Podcast Season 3 Episode 35





Season 3 Episode 34

  1. Seth’s Testimony
  2. Four Sections of Scripture to Use
  3. Scriptures J.W.’s use out of context 

Podcast Season 3 Episode 34






Season 3 Episode 33

How To End Abortion

  1. The Pro-Life Movement
  2. The legislation will leave loopholes that will be exploited for the gain of money.
  3. How do we end abortion?
  4. How is it really going to end?
  5. The doctrine of the lesser magistrate?

Podcast Season Episode 33






Season 3 Episode 32

God is R.U.L.I.N.G.

  1. God created time, matter, and space to give himself a platform to both glorify Himself and for us to observe His handy work and to have the privilege to honor and worship Him.
  2. God created by speaking life into existence. Ps 33:9 For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.
  3. Some may consider this counter-intuitive; however, it needs to be discussed. Man did not reveal himself to God but God revealed Himself to man.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 32





Season 3 Episode 31

Christ At The Center

  1. Christ at the center of your witness will bring suffering
  2. Christ at the center of your witness will bring greater worship and deeper Lordship
  3. Christ at the center of your witness will allow you to defend what we believe for the benefit of the unbelieving world

Podcast Season 3 Episode 3






Season 2 Episode 30

  1. Marveling over God’s work in the world.
  2. Marveling over the work of God in you
  3. Marveling over the work of God in other people

Season 2 Episode 29

Podcast Season 2 Episode 19 The evangelist needs the local church and the church needs him- Interview with pastor Eric Dillion

  1. Why is it important that the evangelist is sent from a local church?
  2. How does the church benefit from the evangelist and the evangelist benefit from the church?
  3. What can the elders do better to utilize the gift of the evangelist and train him to be a tool for the local church?





Season 2 Episode 28

Six Points to encourage yourself and others in Evangelism

  • Reminding others who gives the fruit. Isaiah 55:11 and 1 Cor 3:6-9
  • Reminding others to remain faithful because God is fruitful Gal 6:9
  • Be a storyteller, not someone who is bragging about what they have done. There is a difference, so share what God is doing out in the harvest field.
    1. Passionate
    2. Persistent
    3. Purposeful
  • Invite someone to come along as you share your faith.
  • Pray for those who are struggling with fear.
  • Be the example that the body of Christ needs of a faithful Gospel witness.





Season 2 Episode 27


Engaging the Holy Bible to allow it to change you and other

We will discuss a three-step process that will help you engage the text. You may either be a preacher or someone wanting more tools to grow in your devotional life.

Step 1 Prayer- Ask the Lord to show which text God wants you to use.

Step 2 Illustration-  Use the illustration and take the text through this four-part grid.

Creation – Fall- Redemption –Response

Step 3 Go- Preach the text until the Lord is done with you


Season 2 Episode 26

Our Podcast for August will cover navigating Social Media Jungle

  1. Be careful not to use social media to gossip or slander others and protect yourself from Idolatry. ( Be Careful) Eph 4:29-31
  2. Using social media to advance the Gospel by posting Gospel centered content. (Be Meaningful)
  3. Learning how to navigate three of the social media outlets Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. (Be Practical)
    1. Practical tips on #hashtages
    2. How to get more people to see your Gospel centered content
    3. Not posting the same content on all three platforms






Season 2 Episode 25

Here are the four topics that will be discussed in this month’s podcast:

  1. How important it is to know your rights when you start witnessing in your local city
    • What do you need to know right of way, sign size, PA Laws, etc..
    • How does this change how you dialogue with the Officer?
  2. What we have encountered with our interaction with Police Officers over the years?
  3. What type of demeanor is best when dealing with your local police officers?
  4. Perseverance in dealing with legal clarification with your local law enforcement.

Season 2 Episode 24

Have you heard the Bible is not trustworthy when sharing your faith in Jesus? Find out how to answer that question today.

We will cover the last letter in our acronym FIGHT  here are our three points today:

  1. Seeing an unbeliever from the lens of Romans 1:18-22
  2. Responding to the statement, “the Bible is not trustworthy.”
  3. Look at the family trees of the five common objections and the branches that come from their roots.







Season 2 Episode 23

Over the next five weeks we will be learning the acronym  F.I.G.H.T. In today’s Podcast we will cover “H” Humans determine right and wrong. Here are the three points we will cover.

  1. Who determines right and wrong?
  2. How do we know what is right and wrong?
  3. We are going to talk about common absolute claims that people that deny absolutes use all the time.






Season 2 Episode 22

Over the next five weeks we will be learning the acronym  F.I.G.H.T. In today’s Podcast we will cover “G” God Does Not Exist. Here are the three topics we will cover.

1.We will find one of the motives that drives a unbeliever to say that God does not exist

2. The prophetic words of the Bible found in Romans 1:18-32

3. How to respond to the image bearer of God who says, “God Does Not Exist.”










Season 2 Episode 21

Over the next five weeks we will be learning the acronym  F.I.G.H.T.Have you ever had someone say “I” don’t believe in your God; therefore, it does not apply to me. Find out how to answer that statement on today’s show. We will cover these three points:

  1. So what.
  2. Just because you don’t believe in God does not mean He does not exist.
  3. God determines truth not you or me.





Season 2 Episode 20

Over the next five weeks we will be learning the acronym  F.I.G.H.T. Today we will cover three points dealing with the “F”ace of evil.

1.A Christian tells why we have evil wither people like the answer or not. Gen 3:5-6

2.Christianity tells why things are the way they are and then it answers with a solution. John 3:16- 19

3.Atheist and Agonistics and other religions do not have an objective foundation to say anything is evil. However, they still have to give a reason for evil and an answer.





Season 2 Episode 19

On Today’s Podcast we will cover four points-

1.History of Tracts ( You will listen to a powerful testimony about tract distribution)

2.Content of your Tracts

3. How to take care of your tracts

4.Where to place your tracts and how to use them







Season 2 Episode 18 (Part 2)

Shane and I discuss how to witness to homosexuals. Hope the show is very practical for you.







Season 2 Episode 17 (Part 1)

I interview Shane Weaver who lived a homosexual lifestyle for over twenty five years.May his testimony encourage you in the power of the Gospel to transform any life within the LGBTQ community.







Season 2 Episode 16

Tony Miano was arrested for reading scripture aloud in front of a planned parenthood. Listen in as I interview him.We will discuss four questions on today’s Podcast.  What actually took place that day? What took place during the trail? ( I can’t wait for you to hear this!) What is the Lord showing Tony through this and how is his church family coming around him? What is next and how can we pray for him, his family, and his church? For Tony’s website – Click Here









Season 2 Episode 15

Is your job drudgery? Do you want renewed Biblical perspective on work? You need to listen to me interview Tim Gray president of Frig- Temp Refrigeration  on today’s show.








Season 2 Episode 14

Learning from your mistakes is a necessary part of growth in ministry. Husband and wife, Tommy and Melanie, sit down to talk about their life together serving the Lord.








Season 2 Episode 13

Why should we share the Gospel on the college campuses in America? Find out on today’s show as I interview Greg Stephens. Go to Greg Website to find out how you can partner with him more.









Season 2 Episode 12

How do you have conversations with false converts? Find out on today’s show









Season 2 Episode 11

Are you spending time around unbelievers or with unbelievers? Find out the difference between the two on today’s podcast.









 Season 1 Episode 1

Waging war God’s way. Found out how on this podcast.






 Season 1 Episode 2

I had a discussion on NC State about the Bible being translated to many times; therefore, it is not reliable. Listen to how I responded to him.







Season 1 Episode 3

In this episode, we discussed what you need before you hit the streets to share the Gospel.








Season 1 Episode 4

Here are three points I learned when someone told me to stop sharing Jesus. We will compare those three points to four statements in John 14:6. Then I will draw three applications points to apply to our daily lives.








Season 1 Episode 5

I interviewed Zack Braddy about his 5 years of ministering at his local murder mill. We discussed questions like what to expect when you first start out and some practical tips for starting a murder mill ministry in your city.






Season 1 Episode 6

We will use two points to talk about the one true living God of the Bible.

  1. Just because you don’t believe in God does not mean He does not exist.
  2. Where do you get morals without God?








Season 1 Episode 7

Today we will be covering good questions that can be used to have Gospel conversations during your family gatherings and holiday parties.







Season 1 Episode 8

We interviewed Sean Keefe who has been faithful sharing the Gospel for three years in Raleigh, NC. You will have three application points from today’s show that will make you more faithful in sharing the Gospel.








Season 1 Episode 9

I interviewed Bill Adams from Sports Fan Outreach International. We covered six questions addressing evangelism at sporting events. We also gave a preview of where you can join us next year.





Season 1 Episode 10

We will cover three areas in self-reflection to make you more effective for the Gospel.

  1. What are your reading habits?
  2. What are your personal goals?
  3. What are your spiritual goals?