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Evangelism In A Flash

Evangelism In a Flash




10 Training videos in the basics of evangelism

What Are You Clinging To?




Finding myself in the emergency room within 45 minutes

Pastor Wesley Handy: My Repentant Reflection

        About five years ago, I first met Tommy Waltz. One of my coworkers previously was involved in open air preaching and was looking for an opportunity to rekindle the flame. He asked me to go with him. To be honest, I was curious. I trusted my friend, I knew his theology,…

Keith the Wayward Soul

      Another year of preaching came to a close in Ocean City, New Jersey. Ocean City has a population of around 15,000, but during the summer months there is an influx of people that exceeds 120,000. What a great place to preach the Gospel! This year was no different than any other trip…

Free Bananas at the Evolution Conference

With close to 2,000 attendees from 38 countries, almost 1,200 talks, and 450 posters made by K-12 school children, the five day long Evolution 2014 Conference was an excellent opportunity for GGM to share the Gospel. There were some surprising things like the number of families with young children that were attending and the generally…

Pastor Tom Cabral Story

  Are You Ready? How important is this question? I’d like to share a story that God allowed me to experience firsthand in the city of Fall River. Two weeks ago a friend of mine, evangelist Tommy Waltz of Gospel of God ministries, based in Raleigh, North Carolina came to Fall River for two days….

Spiritual Conversation Starters

  Questions can open many doors to have Gospel centered conversations.When you ask a question it opens people up to share what they believe. These questions have helped tremendously over the years. The team here at GGM hopes they help you share your faith in Jesus more effectively. 1.       What type of religious belief do…

Evangelism Bootcamp

There are three major components of biblical truth that must be understood in order to respond properly to the Gospel. 1.Proper view of God •He is Holy- (Isaiah 40:25) •He is just – (Psalms 9:16) •He is wrathful- (Jeremiah 6:11) •He is merciful- (John 3:16) 2.Proper view of Man •He is rebellious- (Romans 1:21) •He…