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Evangelism Bootcamp

There are three major components of biblical truth that must be understood in order to respond properly to the Gospel. 1.Proper view of God •He is Holy- (Isaiah 40:25) •He is just – (Psalms 9:16) •He is wrathful- (Jeremiah 6:11) •He is merciful- (John 3:16) 2.Proper view of Man •He is rebellious- (Romans 1:21) •He…

Gigi’s Story

Last weekend GGM proclaim the Gospel in our beloved city of Raleigh, NC. It was the annual World Beer Festival. Through all the beer and yelling, there was some great preaching and great individual conversations. Freddy, one of our leaders here at GGM, spoke with a gentleman who had just lost a young friend to…

Satan is Lord?

What would you do if a person came up and said, “Satan is my lord?” The Cornerstone Church team is doing well. However, continue to keep the team leader Jeffrey Jednat in your prayers. He is going to make a great leader and be a great blessing in the area of evangelism to Cornerstone Church….

Life of St Patrick Missionary to Ireland

ST. Patrick is a figure in Christian history who exemplifies what a person can be when given to serve the Lord. Although this saint was a man who struggled with sin just like everyone else, yet he continued to grow in his knowledge of God that gave him a deep hunger to be used by…

GGM on Call 2 Action 105.7

I had the opportunity to be on Call to Action which is Steve Nobles radio talk show on 1030 AM and 105.7 FM. He had a special guest host Shawn Saunders President of Converting Hearts Ministry and Scott Hildreth from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.We were speaking on suffering and the Great Commission. I had a…