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Evangelism In A Flash

Evangelism In a Flash




10 Training videos in the basics of evangelism

What Are You Clinging To?




Finding myself in the emergency room within 45 minutes

Why Did The Las Vegas Shooting Happen?

Why did this happen in Las Vegas? Here are three reasons. Stephen Paddock opened fire on people attending a concert. 59 are dead, 527 are injured. One news agency interviewed a man on the scene of the shooting. He said, “ We thought it was fireworks, then my buddy said that he was hit. We…

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

After twenty days of travel and sharing in three different countries, on two different continents, I am back home. We worked with Sports Fan Outreach International as we shared the Gospel at IAAF World Championship Games, we also shared the Gospel at Edinburgh, Scotland’s Fringe Festival , and then we went to encourage missionaries in the Middle East. Here is the Harvest…

Navigating Missions- Three Points for the Evangelist

    Three Points for the Evangelist When I first understood the desire that the Lord had given me to be an evangelist; I felt like Christopher Columbus discovering America. It was exciting.  Not many around me had spent much time- if any- studying the role of evangelist from the scriptures. I was really moving…

The Word of God

Whose words are you following?

I started a journey this year reading through the book of Jeremiah. It is a book full of warnings with a glimpse of a God who WILL redeem His people although they are not worthy of redemption. I was reading Jeremiah the other morning and God showed me three things in His word that can-…

Where are their morals?

Jamel Dunn, 31, drowned in a pond in Florida. His body was found five days later. Five other teenagers watched him drown and here is what his sister said on Facebook Live, “I don’t care if it’s probation or something, it just needs to be an eye-opener. A lesson learned. If they can sit there…