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Evangelism In A Flash

Evangelism In a Flash




10 Training videos in the basics of evangelism

What Are You Clinging To?




Finding myself in the emergency room within 45 minutes

Benefits of Having an Evangelist in Your Local Church / Andy Davis

  God has set before every local church two journeys for the sake of his glory. First is the journey of sanctification; that each individual Christian member of that church should grow more and more Christ-like, more and more holy, more and more knowledgeable of scripture, more and more faith-filled, more and more loving to…

Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses

The JW’s will be out in full force in the coming weeks. You can use the very event they are inviting you to attend to help them think about what they have actually been taught and share the gospel. Avoid rabbit trails, most JW’s when faced with questions that make them uncomfortable will immediately try…

Houston Update: Protesters and Someone Got Shot Five Times

        We made it back from Houston. Thousands heard the glorious Gospel that transforms lives proclaimed by 105 faithful messengers. We partnered with Sports Fan Outreach International . I had the privilege of leading twelve of them. I also had the opportunity to train ten new evangelists in Open Air Preaching. The…

Preaching the Word of God at the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LI Houston

Tommy Waltz will be leading a team of evangelists/preachers this weekend as they join 100+ others to preach Jesus with Sports Fan Outreach at Super Bowl City in Houston this weekend. Please pray for: the wives and children of the traveling evangelists safe travel to and from Houston sweet fellowship with other evangelists bold preaching soft…

Can Your Worldview Handle Such A Catastrophe?

      Can your worldview handle such a catastrophe? Here are three points that will determine the answer. As a Category 4 hurricane, Matthew battered the southeast coast with its 130 mph winds for over four days and caused hundreds of deaths stretching from Haiti to North Carolina. It was a very destructive storm and…

First Time Out by Elizabeth Redd

My husband, Robert, and I knew it was coming.  We knew that at some point we would have to go out street preaching with our good friends Tommy and Melanie Waltz.  We’ve financially contributed to their ministry, Gospel of God Ministries, for several years and have always supported them with prayer and I would proofread materials…