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Evangelism In A Flash

Evangelism In a Flash




10 Training videos in the basics of evangelism

What Are You Clinging To?




Finding myself in the emergency room within 45 minutes

First Time Out by Elizabeth Redd

My husband, Robert, and I knew it was coming.  We knew that at some point we would have to go out street preaching with our good friends Tommy and Melanie Waltz.  We’ve financially contributed to their ministry, Gospel of God Ministries, for several years and have always supported them with prayer and I would proofread materials…

Robert in a conversation on a night of preaching

No More Excuses by Robert Redd

My wife Elizabeth wondered if we should join Melanie and Tommy Waltz for a Friday night of street preaching. We’d been supporting them financially and with prayer for years,  and we really had no more excuses. Now was the time to really put our faith out there and take some action. Tommy and Melanie were…

Michelle’s Abortion Clinic Experience

  Praise God!!! He gave me the courage today to join Gospel of God Ministries (GGM) outside the abortion clinic in Raleigh. Although I was nervous of the unknown, I wasn’t scared  today because I knew I wouldn’t be alone. It was a “slow” day today (per Tommy Waltz), three appointments which means three cars…

Imputation of Christ and Evangelism

      I have been doing evangelism in some form since 2004. By God’s grace, he has placed seasoned evangelists around me in various ways. They have been kind to show me a fruitful and faithful way of sharing the Gospel. I have been asked to address two theological points:  the law of God…

Seth grew up under the Watchtower Society Umbrella

Seth Richardson’s Testimony

          I grew up under the umbrella of the Watchtower Society. My mother and father were not involved in Christianity, but my father was a believer in the Watchtower Society’s teaching and would later become ‘a’ Jehovah’s Witness.  As a Jehovah’s Witness, it was always upsetting to me to hear other…

Stampedes and Atheists

In the past three weeks we have been up and down the east coast preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ve gone from Charlotte, NC to Atlantic City, NJ, with a stop in Washington, DC to preach at the Atheist Reason Rally which hosted some big name atheists. We hope you are encouraged by this brief…