People need the Gospel not gun control




David Patrick Kelly, entered a small rural Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas and murdered people from five to seventy two years old.  The first rant you are hearing from the media is- gun control. I am a Baptist and I enter a church building every Sunday morning. This shooting hits home. My family and I sat on our bed last night and prayed for our brothers and sisters in Texas. As a Christian, I understand gun laws are not the answer but the Gospel is.

  1. Guns laws can’t transform the person but avoid the real issue 

There has been loss and there are families hurting from this tragedy. What if we could reverse the hurt? What if we could go back in time and have a meeting to talk with David Kelly before he decided to commit these murders. What would you say? The only thing that could have prevented this is for David to understand the real issue. What is the real issue? Two words. The heart.

  1. The hearts exposure is the solution to the inner person changing

No gun law could transform his heart only make him more creative in his murderous action. My dad once told me, “son a lock keeps an honest man honest.” What was my dad communicating? Laws are good for law abiding citizens. This is graphic, but a reality. David would have went in and butchered those people with knives. Look at what’s taking place in the U. K. and France. Men butchering people with knives and using trucks like projectile missiles to murder the innocent.  Look what happen in New York last week.

When Christ comes in He transforms from the inside out. 2 Corinthians 5:17, “therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” Jesus gives a new heart. I am not talking about the blood pumping muscle in the center of the chest.  I am referring to the very thing that really makes us who we are. Our mind, will, and emotion. David Kelly needed to hear the life giving hope of the Gospel. He needed to see that the murder dwelling in him could only be triumphed through Jesus. He needed to repent and place his faith in Jesus. All the hurt that is taking place in Sutherland right now can only be handled by the prince of peace. The only true comfort that can be given is Jesus is on the throne, He will judge justly upon what happened.

  1. Go proclaim the Gospel and give real love to make a real difference

Proclaiming this gospel of Jesus coming to die for sins and that all need to repent – change our minds- and believe in what Jesus did. If you live in Sutherland, Texas go to the hurting and hug them. Cry with them. Help feed them. Comfort them with the Prince of Peace who defeated death and hell.

The Gospel changes our Nation one heart at a time. What if you sharing the Gospel of life with someone today could prevent them from following their murderous heart tomorrow? Go Proclaim the Gospel to See a Life Transformed.

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