Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Our trip to Chicago was full of Gospel proclamation. Tony Campos and I worked with Pastor Dave Johnson from Grace Covenant Church in Chicago, IL. When I sit in an airport terminal waiting to board my flight back home, I like to take time to reflect on what God has graciously taught me and what He is doing. Coming home from this trip to Chicago, He reminded me of two things: flexibility and the importance of discipleship.

The Importance of Flexibility
We arrived in Chicago Thursday morning and it rained the whole day. While the rain kept us from preaching, it gave me the opportunity to catch up with Pastor Dave, pray, and work on a book I am currently writing. By the next day, Friday, the rain had let up and we were able to preach in Lincoln Square; I preached from Jeremiah 9:23-24. This day was filled with people who were very indifferent to the Gospel. We were able to talk with a few people who listened intently; however, two young people mocked the truth.


Tony left side Sean right side


Tony’s First Time Preaching and the Importance of Discipleship
Tony found GGM through an open-air preaching forum from the Ambassadors Academy. He teamed up with us on Saturday and Sunday while we were in Chicago. He has a heart for open-air preaching and did that for the first time on Sunday. He did a great job! Please pray for wisdom as we now have the responsibility of discipling him and others across America in open-air preaching and evangelism. We currently have men in South Carolina, New Jersey, Boston, North Carolina, and Chicago.


Sean Made a Confession of Faith
I was preaching from 2 Timothy when a gentleman named Sean stopped to listen. Tony, after several minutes, went up and began talking with him. Tony explained the condition that Sean was in because of his sin and the beauty of the Gospel. Sean made a confession of faith. Pray that his life would bear fruit and prove that his confession was genuine.




Update on Al
Al was a gentleman that accepted Christ in Boston in early June. I am glad to report that he is doing well. He continues to attend Redemption Fellowship in Falls River, MA and is growing in the Lord. He may be moving back to Ohio. If he does, pray that he would find a good church family there.





Rosalie Far Right and Paris center


Rosalie choose Life
GGM teams up with a group of believers to preach every week at an abortion clinic in Raleigh, NC. I have been preaching with these believers for over a year. We have seen a few women turn away from aborting their babies. Rosalie is one of those women. She gave birth to precious Paris a few weeks ago. We hope you enjoy the picture as much as we do! She is attending a healthy church in the area. Please continue to pray for her salvation.




Prayer concerns
• Pray for the men in South Carolina, New Jersey, Boston, North Carolina, and Chicago that we have the responsibility to disciple
• Pray that Sean would bear fruit and prove that his confession was genuine
• Pray for Al’s move back to Ohio, if he does go, and that he would find a church home
• Pray for Rosalie’s salvation and the health of baby Paris
• Pray for my family and the leadership team here at GGM