The past several weeks we have taken a scheduled year-end sabbatical from the streets of our nation to rest and recharge for 2015 with one exception – preaching on New Year’s Eve in Raleigh, NC. We are ready to take-off into 2015 with the help of our amazing God. This brief update will fill everyone in on New Year’s Eve and the next few weeks. Thank you for praying and financially partnering with us for the Gospel of the Kingdom of our great God.

New Year’s Eve

We had a great group of eight preaching in Raleigh at the New Year’s Eve event in downtown. Many heard the Gospel. Some rejoiced in what we were doing and others cursed and hurled insults at us (Acts 17:32-34). We had several people stop and ask questions, and by God’s grace, we answered them according to the scriptures. One young man dressed in black came up and began telling me that he used to believe in Jesus; however, he either did not understand Gospel or how to communicate what it means to be saved. He began asking questions about God’s elect and the problem of evil. As I was answering, he stormed away clearly upset by my answer when I explained Gods holiness.

Recently, a lady approached me with tears in her eyes. She asked, “Tommy, were you in Raleigh preaching New Year’s Eve?” I said that I was and she began to share with me that her son was the one asking questions about the elect and God wanting His people to destroy the Canaanites. The young man is struggling in his life and is no longer hearing truth from his church family. She said he does not come to church anymore and she is so glad that we were out there sharing truth that night. This is one example of why we take the truth to the people! The majority of them will not walk into our churches. If we don’t go to them, they will never come to us.

Divine encounters like these show all the supporters and the missionary teams that will be involved in 2015 outreaches of Gospel of God Ministries that God is constantly at work when His word is being proclaimed and His Gospel is being shared. I pray that if our Lord tarries, that He will find us all faithful in serving Him in 2015. Keep praying for this young man. For the sake of confidentiality, I cannot share his name, but the Lord knows. We are called to pray.

Next Few Weeks

I will be preaching at an abortion clinic in Raleigh this coming Thursday. Please pray. Several women have turned away and not aborted their babies in the past few weeks. Praise God!! These faithful missionaries go out day after day and plead for the unborn. I have the opportunity to be with them this Thursday morning. On January 29th a team of four from GGM will be heading to Phoenix, AZ to team up with about 95 other evangelists from all over America to preach at the Super Bowl. Sports Fan Outreach, headed up by Bill Adams, hosts this event every year.

Thank you for your support and prayer! Without God using you we could not go the way we do for His kingdom.