The past two weeks I have had the opportunity to catch my breath from my travels, catch up with the core team of GGM in Raleigh, NC, and preach alongside some of my best friends. I am very blessed that God has gathered such an amazing team here at GGM. We just want to give a brief update from the harvest field and share the plans for the rest of the year.

Mohammed the Muslim I shared with last year: “I left Islam”
As you continue to have a presence in your city through open-air proclamation, you will begin to see the same people at times. Mohammed is one of these people. If you regularly read my articles, you will remember last year when I wrote about a Muslim who was becoming very open to Christianity. We shared with Mohammed at a previous preaching event. Since last, he has left the Islamic religion. Let’s rejoice, but he is still very misled in his belief about God. We shared with him the truth of the scripture and the differences between what he believes and true Christianity. We also directed him to Treasuring Christ Church in Raleigh, NC.

Emily the crying Christian
After preaching from Exodus 30:31, a young girl came up in tears. She stated that we were pushing people further away from God and casting our pearl before swine. It took a great deal of boldness to come up and tell a group of people that, so I encouraged her in the boldness that it took to come and speak; however, I lovingly took this opportunity to correct and exhort her. I asked Emily, “What separates people from God? She stated, “Sin.” I continued tell her, “They are already away from God” I shared John 15:8; “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” After a thirty minute conversation, her heart began to change towards open-air preaching and us. Let’s rejoice!!

Doc the honest Satanist
Doc is a Satanist that Sean, one of our leaders, had an open air preaching dialogue with about two months ago, and he showed up again this past weekend to listen to the preaching of the Gospel. He even admitted if he is wrong, he is ruined; however, there is no outward sign of repentance yet.

Preston (Should women pastor?)
This was a very unique conversation. Preston began listening to our preaching and hung around until I was finished. He came up and started to confess that he struggled at times. We continued our conversation, and it was clear that Preston knew scripture. He came to Christ through his wife; however, his wife was a pastor. He had studied and read the scriptures enough to realize that this is unbiblical. I assured him he was correct in his interpretation of the scriptures and encouraged him to patiently lead his wife in this area.

What’s left for the year?
In October, I am preaching at a church in Rock Hill, SC. While the team in Raleigh continues to take the Gospel into the streets of Raleigh, NC, I will have the opportunity to join them in the middle of October at the NC state fair. In November, I will be flying to visit a church planter in Phoenix, AZ, in order to help encourage and train his people in open-air proclamation. We will, Lord willing, have our latest tract What Is Order? available to the public by the end of the year. Continue to pray for the entire evangelist team that has been influenced and continues to be influenced by GGM.
Thank you for your support, friendship, and partnership