Coaching Young Open Air Preachers

With the Gospel of God Ministries influence continually growing. We have young evangelists coming to us wanting to be trained. Some of these men have young families and are working jobs-that make ends meet- but they don’t have extra money to go through our training. Would you consider sponsoring an evangelist so he could go through our evangelism coaching? The cost is $ 200.00  You could also sponsor an evangelist per class at $20.00 a class Here is what he will be a part of:

(All potential candidates must be a part of a local healthy church body that believes in the fundamentals of the Christian faith. His leaders must approve of this step.)

  1. He will get a book with all the content that we will be going through and a section in each chapter to take notes.
  2. He will be given 10 hours worth of classroom coaching that will prep him to be a better-equipped evangelist.
  3. His training will include preaching with a seasoned evangelist who will fill out a critique form with helpful pointers to make him better.

If you would like to give a one-time donation to cover the cost of the book and the ten hour classroom time click here.

Do You Want To Be Coached?

If you would like to be coached by one of the GGM leaders there are four things that must be done:

  1. You must be a part of a healthy local Church a minimum of a year.
  2. Either the Elders or Pastors must approve of you being trained in evangelism or open air preaching.
  3. Your pastor must contact with an approval letter and how long you have been attending.
  4. Once this is done you can follow one of the links to give your donation and receive the training material you will be going through. The classes will be held on Monday night’s 8pm EST via conference call (number will be provided later). The training has started for the spring 2019 and we will accept new enrollment in June 2019.
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    2. Open Air Preaching


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