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Sponsor An Evangelist

 Coaching Young Open Air Preachers

With the Gospel of God Ministries influence continually growing. We have young evangelists coming to us wanting to be trained. Some of these men have young families and are working jobs-that make ends meet- but they don’t have extra money to go through our training. Would you consider sponsoring an evangelist so he could go through our evangelism coaching? The cost is $ 200.00  You could also sponsor an evangelist per class at $20.00 a class Here is what he will be a part of:

(All potential candidates must be a part of a local healthy church body that believes in the fundamentals of the Chrisitan faith. His leaders must approve of this step.)

  1. He will get a book with all the content that we will be going through and a section in each chapter to take notes.
  2. He will be given 1o hours worth of classroom coaching that will prep him to be a better-equipped evangelist.
  3. His training will include preaching with a seasoned evangelist who will fill out a critique form with helpful pointers to make him better.

If you would like to give a one-time donation to cover the cost of the book and the ten hour classroom time click here.

Going Through Our Four Semester Internship

(All potential candidates must be a part of a local healthy church body that believes in the fundamentals of the Chrisitan faith and adheres to a code of conduct form that guides GGM leaders. His leaders must approve of this step.)

  • After the above training, he will qualify to go through our four-semester internship. This internship will equip the evangelist by making them write on the subject of open-air evangelism, going through selected Bible passages in detail on open-air evangelism, studying the apologetic method of Jesus and the apostle Paul, and reading selected books to write book reviews on. A syllabus will be given at the start of each semester that the student is required to follow. You can either sponsor an evangelist per week at $30.00 a week or sponsor a whole semester’s tuition rate of $540.00 dollars.

If you would like to give a one-time donation to cover a students semester click here.

Contact me at with any questions.

Sample Syllabus

Semester 1


The student will form a Biblical understanding that is comprehensive in scope towards the historical ministry of Open Air Preaching and understands that Open Air preaching is directly affected through the spiritual disciplines.

Semester time requirement:  We will meet once a week either google hangouts or conference call according to the student’s schedule. Until (Online classes are finished) The student will have to be self-motivated and must be a steward of his time in every aspect of life to accomplish this syllabus requirement.


  1. The student will turn in one position paper six pages double spaced on either the model that is given from scripture for open-air preaching or how open-air preaching is directly affected through the spiritual disciplines. This will be a paper with a thesis, not a sermon. Ex. Where did they preach? What was the content of their preaching? How does a preachers spiritual disciplines effect who he is in the open air?
  2. The student will be required to write a two-page book review single spaced from one of the required readings.
  3. The student will be required to preach at least once a week and video, at least one of them, for submission to his peers for open critique. We are not looking for the quality of the video but the content of the video and your interaction with the people who are listening.
  4. The student must also preach in all four areas before the end of the semester an abortion clinic, street festival, college campus, and sporting event. The student will obtain all permits needed and contact proper authorities if needed.
  5. Attend a weekly class via conference call or google hangouts to discuss the required reading from the previous week and prayer.

Required Reading:

  1. Spiritual Disciplines Donald S. Whitney
  2. Whitefield Gold compiled by Ray Comfort
  3. Volume one George Whitefield, by Arnold Dallimore (Optional)
  4. Letters to my students, Charles Spurgeon ( Section on Open Air Preaching)
  5. Following Sections of the Bible
    1. 2 Peter 2:5- Noah
    2. 1 Kings 8:54-56- Solomon
    3. Ezra 10:9-14- Ezra
    4. Jeremiah 7:1-3- Jeremiah
    5. Matthew 3:1- John Baptist
    6. Matthew 5-7& 13:2- Jesus
    7. Luke 9:5-7- Jesus’ Disciples
    8. Acts 7- Stephen
    9. Acts 17:16-17 Paul



All assignments will have deadlines and the student will be required to meet deadlines and read all assigned texts. Being a steward of your time is being God-honoring with your time.

I realize that all of you are sacrificing being a part of this internship because you all work jobs and now have this load on top of your preaching, work, and husbandly duties. Being a leader in the kingdom of God is not for the faint of heart.