Become a Monthly Vision Champion & Automatically Receive Tracts Free For Three Months

How do you instantly take advantage of free tracts from Gospel of God Ministries? Become a new monthly vision champion to our ministry for $30.00 dollars a month and we will send you 50 tracts for three months! Because you have chosen to become a vision champion, we will send tracts right to you. Here are the two easy steps to make it happen.

  1. Simply click the giving button below and sign up for a monthly donation of $10.00 dollars a month
  2. Wait three days to allow us to confirm your partnership

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We have designed several Gospel tracts that we hope you will find useful in sharing the Gospel.  ‘Suggested Donations’  will enable our ministry to stay out in the harvest field proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, sign up our e-mail community and receive videos only available to our e-mail community and a free electronic PDF of our introductory to evangelism lesson. Click here to sign up

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