Missionaries to an Unreached People Group


big God

My family and I are missionaries to an unreached people group. This group of people does not have a group from the International Mission Board studying how to penetrate into it with missionaries. This group of people has been overlooked by the majority of the church for years- and still is. Close to 60,000,000 of these precious people have died in the past four decades. Their death has come at the hands of a catastrophic civil war and the damage that will be caused from this civil war will not be fully recognized for several more decades.

It took me years to realize that I had to be missionary to these people because they were being overlooked. You may be formulating the questions, what type of civil war is this?” and “where is the war taking place?” This is the worst type of civil war you can imagine. In the United States we had the Civil War. There have also been other civil wars as you look down through the corridors of human history.

However, this civil war is the most brutal form of guerilla warfare I have ever seen. I have been on the mission field for a little over three years trying to reach this group and the reports are barbaric of how these precious people are dying. Forgive me for the details; nevertheless, you need to informed. These people are being ripped apart limb by limb, some of them are being burnt alive with acid, and others are given drugs to kill them. It is a state of emergency! Would someone please come help me and my family? We are seeing them die on the average of 5 to 15 a day. I find it very hard to believe more is not being done by the church to reach them. Especially when I read Mark 12:30, “The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This is not like the conflict in America over slavery. At least the South could defend itself against the onslaught of the North and the North against the South. This group cannot, and it gets worse, it enemy is their own mother and father. They do not have an open field to fight in or bunker to take refuge in. Thier enemies don’t follow basic laws of war.  They bring them in while they are in the womb! This child cannot either get out and defend or flee from the danger that is being forced upon them. Please help reach our smallest neighbor.

The battle rages every day! We only fight in the battle once a week. God has saw fit to raise a small battalion of soldiers here in Raleigh, NC. Nevertheless, we got word last month that up north in the Bronx, NY, There is only one faithful soldier of the Cross that stands by herself once a week. Her life has been threatened several times, but she continues to stand.

Where is this war taking place? It is taking place every major city in America. What do we need from you? What will support look like for you? It will be costly. I don’t mean money. Any American could easily give money. It eases your conscience of the responsibility of doing more but God demands more. We need something more costly! We need you! I want your time and effort. I want you to come put your boots on the battlefield. I want you to see the faces of the people. I want you to see the needs first hand.

I want you to come stand and to hand a lady a pro-life packet. I want you to come and stand for life. I don’t want you to walk 4,000 steps. I want you to stand side by side with me and my family. I don’t want you to come one time. I want you to carve out three hours of your week to come stand with me in the field of innocent blood.

These babies are dying by the thousands every day in America. How can you let this continue on your watch? Come share the Gospel to see a life transformed