What would you do if a person came up and said, “Satan is my lord?”

The Cornerstone Church team is doing well. However, continue to keep the team leader Jeffrey Jednat in your prayers. He is going to make a great leader and be a great blessing in the area of evangelism to Cornerstone Church. As always, Acts 17:32-34 was true. Some mocked, some wanted to know more, and believers were encouraged.

The Satan evangelist

I was using the illustration of the Malaysian passenger flight that was missing at the time. I used the flight to show people that anyone could have been on that flight. I asked, “Where would you be, God forbid the flight went down in the ocean, if you were on that plane? Would you either be in heaven or hell?” A young man up came up and said that I was a terrorist. He said Satan was his beautiful Lord. I was able to share that his lord was a liar, thief, and a destroyer.  I agreed that Satan was a beautiful deceiver because he masquerades as an angel of light.  He became really frustrated and began to curse and yell and make physical profanities with his hands. We saw him two days in a row stopping people before they got to our area sharing that Satan was lord. He is a very confused young man who is being destroyed by Satan. I have never seen such zeal for darkness. Sad.

He had on red pants

This young man came under conviction. He was trying to leave, but God was not letting him leave. His friends stopped and began to listen to the truth. He did not confess Christ; however, continue to pray for him. The guilt of his sin is starting to become a reality in his life. I referred him to pastor Scott, who is part of the Cornerstone church. 

Why should I believe the Bible is true anyway?

I was talking with a post modernist and explaining how all religions do not say the same thing. A young high school student approached, and he asked the best question of the weekend. He asked, “Why should I believe the bible is true anyway?” I was able to show him why science, prophecy, history, and our conscience show that the Bible is reliable truth.  I gave him the gospel of John challenge. Read the gospel of John and ask one question- who did Jesus say he was? The young man thought that everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe. I agreed with a small distinction. They have a right to believe what they want, but it does not mean that it is true. He listened and agreed to take the Gospel challenge.

Thank you for all who prayed for this outreach and all those who continue to pray for the seeds that were planted. Keep praying and ask God to let our seeds fall on the good ground. It is an honor to have you partner with our teams that go out through prayer, finances, and involvement. It is an honor to serve along with all of you in our Lord’s harvest field.