The Chicago trip went well I learned a lot from TGC conference. The topic was preaching Christ from the Old Testament. We had several opportunities while on the way to the conference everyday to share the Gospel and here are some of my personal discussions I had with people. In the coming months we will have video post from Haiti, NJ, Raleigh NC and Asheville NC.  May we all continue in our conformity to Christ.

My conversation with Chris:

He did not like anyone telling him that he would be judged and go to hell for his sins. He had a Baptist witness to him that physically hit him with the bible. “Not my top five methods of effective evangelism” He believed the bible could be interpreted many ways and that there is truth in all religions.

I saw that he had bad views of Christians particularly Baptist, so I took time to be gentle but truthful.  I showed that the bible cannot be interpreted anyway someone wants to interpret it and I conveyed this by using an illustration.  I showed the original authors view is the view that we have to accept.

I shared with him the consequences of sin and took him back to the bible so that he would see what the scriptures say about his condition. I took the time to explain the beauty of the cross and what Jesus did on the cross for all who repent and believe.

My conversation with Harold:

Harold was a reformed Jew. He was liberal in his view of the bible and had very little knowledge about the bible. He believed in the theory of evolution. We started to talk about heaven and hell and he said he was ok because Jews did not believe in a literal hell. I said that it really does not matter what he and I believed if it did not correspond with reality.  Any truth claim has to answer four major questions origin, meaning, morality, and destiny without contradictions in any of the four areas. He spoke of humans having souls and dogs not having souls. I ask if he could explain how this process came about but he could not answer.

I shared how Christianity gives an answer to the problem of sin and shared the Gospel and my concern for him. At this time the conversation become one sided so I gave him a tract and a card to our web site.


Three Buddhist on the plane ride up to Chicago:

They where poster children for post modernism they had great conversations about nothing they talked about energy and consciences and oneness with the earth. Yet, they debated over the individual soul being separate from the energy that created everything.

I was in front of them so I did not get to dialogue with them on the plane ride. When the plane landed I attempted to give them all tracts one gentlemen would not take the tract. He stated that he gave up on Christianity a long time ago. He said that Christians are all hypocrites and the bible taught love. I told him that he could not blame the way people act today on the person of Jesus Christ. I asked several questions that made him verbalize what he believed about Jesus. I asked him how he accounted for all the evil in the world but he gave no real answer. Then we had to get off of the plane.


My conversation with Ed :

Ed has just come out of Mormonism because he could not follow all of their laws. He saw the burden of the law so I took him through some of the commandments and he saw his condition. I shared the Gospel and his face started to physically shake. I asked if he had any questions but he said no. Nathan Murray was sitting right between us and he continued the conversation and the young man prayed to receive Christ. Nathan if I missed anything please include what I missed. Sometimes I put the Gospel out there and do not challenge people to make a decision to follow Jesus. Nathan continued with this young man praise Jesus. Please pray for him he has all our information but still has not contacted us. However, if God has started a work in this young man he will see it through to completion.