Jamel Dunn, 31, drowned in a pond in Florida. His body was found five days later. Five other teenagers watched him drown and here is what his sister said on Facebook Live, “I don’t care if it’s probation or something, it just needs to be an eye-opener. A lesson learned. If they can sit there and watch somebody die in front of their eyes, imagine what they’re going to do when they get older. Where’s the morals?” she asked.

I think Dunn’s sister asks a great question. Where are their morals? How can another human being watch another person drown? Dunn’s sister is appealing to a known fact: people have value. This is happening because of a turning away from the image of God inside every one of these teens who sat and watched this young man struggle for his life and then, as his life faded, they laughed. This is truly a tragic situation that happens in a broken society. The five children have the morals in their conscience but they suppress what they know is true.  Surely none of our readers here at Gospel of God Ministries would allow this to happen on their watch.

We all like to distances ourselves from scenarios like this but I am not letting us get off that easily. Here are two things that we can learn as believers.

1. We are letting the lost drown spiritually all around us when we withhold the Gospel of life from them.

I was reminded of this spiritual truth as I watched the video. We are so quick to point the finger at these teens, but as a church we are doing the same thing spiritually when we withhold the Gospel. The statistics prove my point. Three and half percent of Christians share their faith in Jesus on a regular basis. You know they are heading to a Christless eternity, but you let them go while you worship on Sunday and go about your weekly job. This tragic story reminds me of the importance of propagating the Gospel far and wide. You may be a little angry at me, but let that frustration lead you to repentance for not being concerned enough about your next door neighbor’s eternal destiny.

2. We are allowing the unborn to be marched into death camps in our cities without stand up for them.

These children are being abandoned by their mothers and fathers. It is our obligation to stand for them and to pass legislative laws that promote their lives. “Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” (James 1:27)

I was made aware of this silent holocaust about four and half years ago. It will become a reality for you when you stand for the first time in front of an abortion clinic. If you want to become equipped in knowing how to share your faith; you can attend one of our online classes in which we go through a ten-lesson curriculum on sharing your faith. Sign up for the class and get the curriculum. Find out here when and where we will be sharing the Gospel near you on our events calendar.

If you’d like to get your feet wet with this type of ministry, please come out and pray for us for starters. Once you are as comfortable as you can be, I’d encourage you to start committing to a day to stand with one of our more seasoned sidewalk missionaries. To become more involved on a national level, learn more about End Abortion Now.

Stop being so passive, and be active in your efforts to reach the lost in your sphere of influence. Surely if you had seen Mr. Dunn drowning, you would have done something about it. Now go and share with the lost that are stumbling into the deep end of eternity without Christ and stand for the voiceless that are being butchered by the thousands.

Go proclaim the Gospel to see a life saved and transformed for eternity.

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