I hope this brief update finds all of you well, and that you are maturing in your walk with the one true Jesus. We have traveled from Minnesota to the streets of North Carolina sharing the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayerful and financial support. I wanted to give you a quick update on Gina, whom many of you saw on one of our Facebook posts. Who is she?

Gina is a young lady who came up to Peter Firth—one of our leaders—and began heckling him. She started off screaming and cussing at him, but then she began to listen. Peter found out that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and the doctors gave her two months to live. This had been about a month ago, so if she is telling the truth, and the Lord has not performed a miracle yet, she is really close to dying.
Please pray for her. As we remain faithful to the Gospel, God continually brings these divine opportunities in our path. Thank you for supporting the proclamation of the Gospel so that we could meet Gina and minster to her. Here is a video as Gina’s story unfolded before our very eyes.


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