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“I am not that bad!!”

Luke 2:11 for today in the city of David there has been born for you a savior, who is Christ the Lord.

A group of twelve went out into the harvest field of our Lord in Raleigh, NC, at the annual tree lighting event. It was cold and windy, but many conversations took place. As the cold wind blew, it carried the warmth of His words to the ears of His creation. Some listened, some did not want to hear, and some wanted to know more. Here are two of our encounters.

I am not that bad.

Joe just moved to North Carolina from North Dakota. He walked by the preaching of the word of God twice with this awkward smile. The second time I had an opportunity to have a conversation with him. He said he had no religious background. He did know some of God’s commandments. He agreed that he was guilty of breaking God’s law, but he proclaimed a guiltless verdict to himself. He said he was not that bad.  Compared to what? He compared himself to men to make his conscience feel better. Here is the problem- when he dies he will not be compared to them. Instead, he will face God’s holy standard. The weight of the glory of God’s justice will crush his sinful life. Like a house of cards, his life will crumble before his creator. The eternal justice that he will face in hell is infinite, consistent, and complete if he does not repent.

I am a Jehovah Witness

After our preaching event we had a meal together at a local restaurant. Nick, a Jehovah Witness, who works in the restaurant, came up and began having a conversation with us as we ate our meal. He shared how the Bible was interpreted wrongly through the years, and, in Nick’s opinion, Scholar Jason David Beduhn proves this in his book. I showed him how Jehovah Witnesses and Christians have two different Gospels. Either they are right and we are wrong, or we are right and they are wrong. Both cannot be right. One is a false gospel, and one is a true Gospel. I asked him to read Galatians 1:6-9 while we were together. He read and agreed that both could not be right. This was a big step for Nick!   

Mercy waits for Joe and Nick like a watchman waits for the dawn. It is a continual knock upon their souls. Yet both walked away from our conversations unchanged as they heard the truth of God’s justice and mercy in Jesus. God’s mercy comes again and again through movies, songs, and plays this time of year. Share God’s truth with someone this Christmas season. Let His mercy be known through you!!  


Prayer Closet Needs

·         That more vision partners and churches will come board with us in 2014

·         That the kingdom would continue to advance in hearts of our hearers 

·         For the training of our new evangelist

·         For favor with event coordinators and police in every city we preach in