An update from our time in Phoenix

We survived a Zombie Mob
The first Friday of every month, Phoenix shuts down Roosevelt Street and it is flooded with local artists and street vendors selling art work, doodads, and food of any kind. We see this as a great opportunity to share the Gospel with thousands of people. As I was preaching last week, I got mobbed by an entire group of zombies.  There was one particular zombie that hung around to listen to the word of God.

She gave me about two minutes to share with her. She said that I was right, and that she would listen. Pray that she would genuinely listen and repent and place her faith in Jesus. We passed out over four hundred tracts while in Phoenix and had countless conversations with people of all ages and all walks of life.  Watch a quick two-minute video of me getting mobbed by the zombies.

Anthony & Alan broke the sound barrier 

Pastor Anthony is beginning to see the opportunities that are around him and his church family to share the Gospel. Every Tuesday they distribute around 400 to 600 food boxes. Families come and pick up these food boxes.  Well over 800 people come through their church every Tuesday. This past Tuesday we set up a table in the courtyard with Bibles, tracts, and information about the church. Then I started off the preaching with Isaiah 55:1-3. After I was done, Anthony and Alan took turns preaching from the Word of God. Several great conversations came out of the preaching that day.

Manny confessed Jesus as Savior & I am labeled Apostate   
If you have read any of my updates lately you know about the three people you will run into when sharing your faith: the mocker, the curious, and the believer. (Acts 17:32-34) During our time in Phoenix, we saw all three of these people.  At one point, Alan and I were preaching and sharing the Gospel one-on-one near the bus stop and Light Rail when a gentlemen came up to me and started yelling that I was a demigod and an apostate.  He expressed how the god he served loves all people and would never condemn anyone. You’ll see in this short video (1:17) how I calmly took him through the commandments and showed him how he, in fact hates the one true God. Even so, he walked away, unconvinced. After finishing my exchange with him, I continued preaching from Matthew 7:1-21. I was coming to a close when Alan called me over. A gentleman was waiting to speak with me.  He said, “I have been listening to what you are saying and I need Jesus to save me from my sins.”  I spent time with him and counseled his soul in what genuine salvation really is and bearing fruit proving repentance. He was given a invitation to Mercy Hill Church and said he was going to attend. His name is Manny please pray for him.

Intently listening to the preaching.